Boston Day Trip

Yupp, I’ve never been to Boston! My boyfriend is a big Boston sports fan and has been to the city tons of times, so it was exciting to do a small day trip and explore with him!

Places we ate:

  • Pavement Coffeehouse
    Well I forgot I wasn’t in NJ anymore and got a bagel here which was a big thumbs down along with their prices and mediocre coffee
  • Union Oyster House
    YUM! Despite the fact that this place was built for ants, their food is amazingggg and well worth the trip.

Places we went:

  • Buffalo Exchange
    I’ve seen so many ads about this secondhand store lately. While I was waiting to sell my clothes, I browsed what they had and wasn’t too impressed. My boyfriend found a good shirt and jacket, but they didn’t buy anything from me.
  • Paul Revere’s House
    We didn’t go inside, but it was nice to walk the Freedom trail for a bit!
  • Quincy Market
    Cute little place to stop for a quick bite or little doodads.

I’m looking forward to doing more Boston exploring since we live so close now, but it was nice to get a little day trip under the belt! Do you have any suggestions as to what we should do the next time we’re in Boston!?

13 thoughts on “Boston Day Trip

  1. Ah, you should’ve mentioned it before going! For next time:

    Papa Razi for dinner on Newbury

    Max Brenner’s Chocolate on Boylston for cocktails and dessert (the entire menu is all about chocolate and their desserts and cocktails are amazing)

    Cafeteria for brunch on Newbury

    There’s a store on Newbury about one block up from Cafeteria that’s all Harry Potter themed. It’s called The Fairy Shop and you’ll find so much amazing HP merch!

    You can also visit the aquarium or do a whale watching tour. Or do a boat rental and go kayaking!

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  2. Take a ride on the T, the subway in Boston. Visit some Boston neighborhoods . See the JFK Museum and Edward F Kennedy museums in Dorchester. Visit The Museum of Science , visit MIT and Harvard in Cambridge . Take a day trip to Salem as well. Hang out in Copley Square. Visit the Mother Church of Christian Scientist. I lived 13 years in Boston and still consider it home. Your boyfriend is a sports fan? Try to see a Red Sox game or if you go on Patriots Day, take in the Boston Marathon .

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  3. I used to go to Boston all the time. I was really into baseball at one point and would make a trip pretty much every summer to see the Yankees play the Red Sox. Even if you’re not big into baseball or sports in general, Fenway Park is still a great place to visit if you love history.

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