Age Doesn’t Define Your Life

I’m at that point in my life where everyone I know is either engaged or talking about getting engaged. People say “oh you’re just at that age!” But it’s actually the furthest thing from what I want right now.

And I don’t think my age has anything to do with why I should be getting married. Some people get engaged after a short amount of time, some after a long amount of time – and I don’t care why you got engaged as long as marriage is something you really want and are prepared for.

But not all of us in our twenties are. Maybe not even in our forties. Or our nineties. Some people wait to get engaged to save money, some people just don’t see the rush.

And it’s not even engagement – just because you’re 22 doesn’t mean you need to be finished with college. Just because you’re 30 doesn’t mean you need to own a house. Just because you’re 40 doesn’t mean you need three kids tearing up your home.

It’s terrible to set milestones up based on how old you are. Because we didn’t all live the same life. Some of us got our hearts broken for the first time much later than others. Some of us had to work for money before being able to go to school or move on to a better job. Some of us love travel while some of us love the sense of home. We are all different and you can’t clump a group of twenty-something year olds together and expect them all to be ready and willing for the same path in life.

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21 thoughts on “Age Doesn’t Define Your Life

  1. Hey Rosie!!
    Right you are..
    Society always sets a ‘set of rules’… Which isn’t actually important to follow..
    Take it at your own pace….

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  2. So true!! We should all just think “is this going to make me happy?, do I actually want this?” If no. Okey then it will wait. We are all different and we should all choose how we want to live without pressure from other people.

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  3. Absolutely right Rosie. Age doesn’t define you and you should never be pressurised to do anything because you’re a certain age. We’re all so different. Be yourself.

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  4. At age 38, I quit my corporate job, sold my house, and have been traveling the last 9 months. I often hear people say they wish could do that, but they’re too old. My response is always, “you’re never too old.” The truth is that you create the life you want, regardless of your age. The only limits are ones we put on ourselves.

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  5. I try to remind myself of this a lot. For the most part I’m OK with it. When I was younger, I thought by the time I was 33 I’d be married, have two kids, and own my own house. I was stupid when I was younger and had no concept of the real world. We all do things at our own pace.

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  6. Truely said I believe Age is a milestone that life uses to organize our growth on biological level but never decides when we are ready for things that are meant for us, that final call stays with us. life is about learning and experiencing it as it flows in the stream of time so we can always set our own milestones and rules only when we impose them on others they are not right.


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