4 Easy Ways To Start Being Eco-Friendly

Happy Earth Day! Going plastic free and becoming a little more environmentally friendly have been my mission for a while now. I wanted to share with you all five easy ways I’ve started helping my planet – if you have any more tips please leave them in the comments!

  1. Cutting out meat
    I haven’t eaten meat in over 10 years, if you read this post you’ll know I started for the animals but continued for my health. Livestock farming contributes 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.
  2. Buying reusable products to replace plastics
    We now own metal straws, lots of glass tupperware, reusable baggies, and even biodegradable dog poop bags!
  3. We stopped buying and using single use plastics
    We get brown bags at the grocery store if we forget our reusable ones, we don’t purchase plastic wrap or tin foil, we even keep an eye on the packaging of our foods. If there’s a better option, we take that. Plastic bags can take 1000 years to decompose.
  4. Spreading the word
    I don’t like to preach to people, but there is always a time and place to explain why you’re using a metal straw or why they should choose to bring their lunch in a glass container instead of ziploc bag. I’ve seen a lot of people in my life make little changes and those are what we need to get started on saving the earth!

How do you help the planet?

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20 thoughts on “4 Easy Ways To Start Being Eco-Friendly

  1. Sweet! Yes, vegetarianism or veganism is a hugely important contribution.

    I keep trash bags and a trash picker/grabber in my car so wherever I see trash (which is everywhere), I pick it up and bag it, then dispose of it properly. I get a lot of plastic bottles and cans this way and recycle them, making some nominal money in the process.

    The impact that small changes people adopt, is so inspiring!

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  2. Well I’m a vegetarian(a lot of people in India are) and it’s a myth that we only eat salad. I’ve never in my life eaten salad as any meal. It’s more like a side dish. I wish that myth just goes away.
    Also to all those people who can’t leave meat a better way to help could be to reduce the consumption. Most non-vegetarians in India eat meat once or twice a week. I think that’ll help a lot too.

    Great suggestions.

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  3. I’ve been pescetarian since birth. I did have a few years where my parents forced me to eat chicken, beef etc but that didn’t last.

    I don’t take plastic bags at the grocery store anymore. They look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them not to bag them and repack the cart. I have reusable shopping bags at home and in my car.

    My car has a high MPG and I only commute to work once per week. I bought gas for the first time in 3 weeks last Thursday: $13.

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  4. All your suggestions are so simple and easy for people to do. I have started doing all of them. I would say that number 1 is the hardest cause if you’re used to a diet heavy in meat it’s not going to be easy to make a clean switch. However, I would suggest starting with little changes. I haven’t given up meat completely but I no longer buy meat. Since I moved to my new apartment, I haven’t cooked a single meal with meat. I still eat meat when I go out but my meat consumption has dropped drastically after cutting it from my house. That’s what people need to remember. You don’t have to do these changes all at once cause it can become overwhelming and you may wind up giving up. Small changes are better than no changes.

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    1. Yes definitely! My boyfriend eats eat and we’ll buy chicken every once in a while but mostly it’s been easy to cut out and we kind of do what you do. It’s such a small change but he barely notices the difference and it does so much good.


  5. We all recognize the problem and we can individually contribute with daily eco-decisions (big and small) towards finding a solution collectively.
    Also, education and awareness is critical!
    Kudos, Rosie πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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