Commitment Issues

Reposted from March 3, 2015

Getting into a relationship should be considered a big deal.  Some people see it as just another boyfriend or girlfriend, some people see it as their whole life changing.  If you date someone for a while and see a future for yourselves, then getting into a relationship is the right thing to do.  If you’re just lonely and all of your friends have boyfriends, maybe you should reconsider the topic of commitment.

People who have commitment problems see getting into a relationship as too big of a deal.  Getting a girlfriend or boyfriend is not an end all be all, this is not necessarily the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, but it is someone who has that potential.  If someone makes you genuinely happy and you choose not to be with them because of your fear of commitment, you are only hurting yourself.  Chances are, that other person will get along just fine.  You’ll be the one always ending up alone.

For example: if you really like ice cream and ice cream makes you happy, you are not just going to stop eating it because you’re afraid too much of it will make you fat.  That’s irrational – first of all, how much ice cream are you eating? Secondly, a healthy relationship (like eating a healthy amount of ice cream?) will only serve to better you as a person.  You will grow from it, you will be happy for the time being, and even if it ends badly, it benefited you.

So stop being afraid of the things that make you happy. You have all the time in the world to figure out where you’re going in life and start working a job you probably don’t like, spending time with people you also probably don’t like.  While you DO like someone, continue it and stay happy as long as possible and don’t be a sucky person.

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