Living Together – 1 Year Impressions

With all the hubbub of moving to New Hampshire, I forgot to recap that my boyfriend and I have been living together for more than one year now.

Obviously, it’s been going well if we decided to pick up and move 5 hours away from our families. While I initially panicked on the night of our move in, I am so happy with our decision to move in together. I was so confident leading up to it and this really goes back to listening to your gut.

My thoughts when we decided to move in together were – what’s the worst that could happen? Well the worst that could happen is that we would break up and have to find new places to live and just have to go through a huge inconvenience. But the best that could happen, happened! We loved living together and decided to make this huge step and life change together.

And now that I have a good experience of moving in with my boyfriend, I feel that I can offer some advice. You’ll know if it’s right – if it doesn’t feel right, don’t move in together. While my boyfriend and I moved in together rather quickly, I can confirm that moving that fast isn’t for everyone. So listen to your gut. But also if you keep putting off living together, maybe you aren’t meant to be together.

One other thing to add is – you’ll definitely need your alone time. That fear of giving up freedom is very valid. my boyfriend and I see a lot of each other. But I signed up for yoga classes and he travels for work and we do eventually get these stretches of a couple days where we don’t see each other. That’s all we really need. We like being around each other all the time and that’s the most important thing to consider when moving in together.

13 thoughts on “Living Together – 1 Year Impressions

  1. …but why is her butt wet??
    My husband and I moved in quite quickly when we first started dating as well and at that point in time, we also worked together, so our alone time was practically non existent. It worked for the early bit of our relationship, but now that we’re married and have an over sized house, often times he can be found in the basement playing video games and I’m upstairs either watching tv or working on projects. All this to say: I strongly agree that living together can be wonderful, but having alone time is an absolute necessity.

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  2. Congrats on your one-year mark of living together! I like your thoughts here. I’ve always felt like it’s been the best thing ever to live with my SO since he’s my best friend. But sometimes you do still need to stretch out a little yourself haha. We both work from home so that’s been increasingly evident. But we still love being together so that helps. 🙂 As will moving to a 2-bedroom apartment haha.

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  3. Happy 1 year of living together! I totally agree with what you said – you will kinda get a feeling of whether it’s a good fit for you two to be living together or not depending on how you react and think about it. If I could, I would jump on the opportunity to live with my boyfriend but we aren’t in the right financial position yet. Getting some space to breathe and be on your own for a bit is important too!

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  4. Congratulations on your one year anniversary, its not always easy moving in and living together but it sounds like it’s working out really well for you both. Here’s to the next year.

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  5. Congratulations on one year of living together!! Living together definitely shows you a side of your significant other that you’ve never seen before, but its also a great feeling getting to come home to them every single night and waking up beside them every single day ❤

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  6. I just realized that I follow you on literally all other platforms except for your blog (SHAME), so please excuse this burst of likes/comments as I binge your content.

    You’re spot on here. Every relationship is different, and following the gut is essential. My husband and I took it slow, but we were literally high school sweethearts, so anything less would’ve felt impulsive or immature. It had a LOT to do with us wanting to be our own individual selves and not rely on each other throughout college, so we waited about five years before living together. And though obviously it went well, I’m still so glad that we did that before getting engaged/married. You really get to know your partner in much more intimate ways when you share a space and don’t have another on standby. But again, even everyone is different in that regard, too.

    Most importantly, congrats on your year of cohabitation! That’s a very exciting benchmark, and one worth celebrating, even in a small way. Cheers!

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    1. Haha no problem 🙂 It’s really smart you guys listened to yourselves and decided to wait. It’s definitely something all couples should have a serious conversation about to see how the other feels and what will work best. Thanks so much!

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