The Ups And Downs Of Your Career

If you’re working your dream job and you love going to work every day – congrats! But this post isn’t for you, thanks for stopping by.

When I graduated college, I started at a very low level job that basically didn’t need a degree. But it was a job. I was working the 9-5 life Monday through Friday. And that’s when I began to think about how I really have a hard time accepting working at the same place for a long time. Seeing the same people every day, at the same time, doing the same work. It just made me cringe.

I left that job after 6 months for a much better job. And while I like to tell myself I only left because of this job offer, I only started looking because I couldn’t stand being unchallenged every day.

And then when I started my new job I was like, “Oh I’ll be here like 1 year max then find a new job.” Some people I worked with had even been working at this company longer than I had been alive and I never thought that could be me. But then one year turned into two and two turned into a promotion and that promotion turned into 3 years with the same company. And I finally let myself believe that you can be happy at the same place, as long as you continue challenging yourself.

When people ask me how work is I always give a hand wave because it’s always just in the middle. There are ups and downs, but I overall like my job. There are weeks where I don’t have much to do, then there are weeks when I have too much to do. There are weeks where I see major successes. And then there are weeks where I screw something up every day.

I’m sure dream jobs exist where people are happy all the time. I don’t have that dream job. I don’t love it all the time. I don’t love every part of it. But I’m generally happy with my job and that’s what I think people should strive for.

13 thoughts on “The Ups And Downs Of Your Career

  1. Here, here! I agree 100%. And I’m in the same boat. I was in a position before when I would spend most the day twiddling my thumbs and another where I couldn’t even break for lunch. Now I have a job that ebbs and flows and I enjoy it (most of the time). It also helps that I do multiple things in this position. I’m not just an executive assistant (my actual job title). I work with patients, I plan events for the company, I even drive a bus! I think it helps when your day to day changes; it keeps things interesting. 🙂

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    1. That actually sounds so nice to have so many different roles! I hate getting stuck in the office, sometimes I have to travel down to Massachusetts and although driving down there every week isn’t ideal, it is a nice change of pace and keeps me sane lol

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  2. Ive always thought it was so cool that you’ve moved out of state with your boyfriend and dog and have your own career besides blogging so I was worried you were going to hate it! But I’m glad its challenging without being constant stress and that you’ve been there for a few years! It was a relief to hear you say you switched companies and didn’t plan to stay long, im having that same issue and think something’s wrong with me.

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    1. Lol I just had a feeling I was going to love it! I have pretty good instincts. Every time I start a job I say I don’t plan to stay long and then I end up staying forever – I’m just a low expectations kind of person. I don’t like to commit too early


  3. I’m glad you have a job where you’ve been able to stay challenged and overall, satisfied. I think it’s important for all of us to remember that every job has bad things about it, but those things don’t necessarily make it a bad job. So we work through the bad things and remember to good things to keep us going. It’s just like life, I guess, lol.

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    1. Definitely just like life lol sometimes work drives me crazy other times I feel so proud of my work – it’s a hard balance but as long there is good with the bad I think that’s the best we can ask for

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  4. The company I work for advocates being at least 80% happy with your job overall since there are always things that are annoying and frustrating. I think I’m at that amount. My job isn’t a dream job but it’s not terrible. Sometimes it’s the work environment that makes my job more bearable too. For example, flex hours and the ability to work from home are definitely perks that make me think “hey let me just stay here a little longer.”

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  5. I found my dream job by creating it for myself. Took me 13 years to do it but I finally pulled it off. It too has its ups and downs, but you view those differently when you’re working for yourself versus working for someone else.

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