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My blog is 4 years old ish. The first two years were just spent blogging, my second year was when I got the most traction on my blog ever. Then Instagram got really big and influencers were born. I realized I liked having an aesthetically pleasing feed and starting building my Instagram platform.

With this came a couple thousand followers, making me a micro-influencer. First I was getting free things and posting about them. Then I started joining networks where I was getting paid. I worked with companies like Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Verizon, etc.

And it can be a lot of work to compose a photo and make sure it gets out on time. But what I disliked the most were the restraints. The scripting of a caption, what the photo HAS to look like and when it needs to be up by. Causing me to post a lot of things I didn’t really love.

With the Instagram algorithm always changing, recently my photos have started to flop and I’m just tired of caring about it. I’m also tired of following 3,000 people just because they follow me. I didn’t start blogging to become an influencer. I like free things, I like some pocket money, and I do like sharing products that I enjoy. But I need to start doing them on my own terms. If I don’t like the way I’m sharing something – why would anyone else?

I want to be just a blogger. I want to write and then supplement that writing with other platforms. While my Instagram will still be blog focused, I’m going to be extra picky about accepting any campaigns. I’ve already unfollowed thousands of people. My Instagram just didn’t reflect my real life that I put out on my blog and I never want to be unauthentic.

I’m happy to be just a blogger. I don’t need to make money, that’s never what this was about. I think most of the time the things I write are more helpful to me than anyone else, but that’s perfectly okay.

21 thoughts on “Just A Blogger

  1. And by the way, saying you’re “just a blogger” means you’re “just a person who writes stuff she enjoys writing and that people enjoy reading.”

    In another words, not “just” anything.

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  2. Hello, I’m just starting to blog and your post is a nice dose of reality. It’s exactly what you said freedom to write and some freebies. I’ll be so suffocated if someone decides to script my captions. Aaa!

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  3. When I read the first paragraph I said to myself, this person is about to take a turn. I was right.

    It’s easy to fall where you did. You keyed on one huge thing: I’m cautious of Following 3000 because they followed me.

    Sometimes we forget why we started all this and it takes the experience you just shared to remind us. This was an excellent piece and a warning to those falling into the traps.

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  4. I feel you on this. It can be easy to lose your way with blogging once money comes into the mix. For people who started just for the money, I don’t think it matters much. For the creative spirits, it’s a pretty big deal. My blogging work is done for client websites, so I get to keep mine mostly ad free.

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  5. I love being just a blogger & I have declined so many offers/collabs because they’re just too strict & complicated. I’m happy that you’re going to be more picky & authentic from now on. This space is yours! 🙂

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