6 Months In New Hampshire

In January, we packed up our first home together and trekked up North for a new opportunity. A new state, a new job, and new life together. It was daunting, it was stressful, but we’ve been in New Hampshire for 6 months now and we don’t regret it one bit.

Sometimes my boyfriend and I will be out in our downtown or walking along the river and just talk about how much we like it here. We miss our friends and family, we miss bits and pieces of New Jersey, but we like it here.

Homesickness isn’t really what I thought it would be. It’s not just craving your favorite bagel place. It can’t be solved with phone calls or texts.

It wasn’t until we went back to New Jersey over Memorial Day Weekend, basically my first time back since we moved, that I realized that the stress and anxiety I had been feeling lately was actually homesickness. And those feelings went away with every person I got to see. Joking with my mom, cuddling my puppy sister, being forced to eat lots of food by my grandparents, seeing my alma mater, letting our doggo walk around at my parent’s house, driving familiar roads, and cheersing with my friends. It was the best kind of medicine I could ask for.

I love New Hampshire. It reminds me in New Jersey in a lot of ways because it has the ocean, mountains, and cities all in one state. We’re in driving distance of so many beautiful places and we’ve been exploring so much. I love this little adventure. But it gets tough to go to work day in and out and not have anyone but each other to complain to (we’re still working on that whole making friends thing).

While I don’t see myself here forever, it is definitely somewhere I’d like to be for a little while.

21 thoughts on “6 Months In New Hampshire

  1. There are beautiful things in every state. It may take some time for you to adjust. Or maybe. you will decide you cannot be away from your roots. Hang in there and eventually you will know where you are truly happy.
    Be well.

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    1. Hahah I know it flew by!! The best food and we’re in walking distance of so much! I’m just happy that I live in New England where lobster rolls are in abundance lol


  2. I moved about a year ago from SF and I can’t tell you how home sick I am. I work right in down town Portsmouth but it’s nothing like a real city. I have days where I am extremely anxious and I realize it’s because I miss the city. My boyfriend is the sweetest thing, and booked us a weekend trip to Boston which helped a little!

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    1. Aw I’m sorry – have you been able to visit home yet? Boston is definitely much more city like, I can see how moving from SF to portsmouth would be a pretty big shock. Have you been able to make friends? That’s definitely the hardest part for me. My boyfriend’s great, but spending 100% of our time together isn’t healthy,


      1. I haven’t made any friends outside of my boyfriend. Which can be hard, our schedules are so opposite I see him about twice a week. It has been a huge adjustment and I work and travel out of the country so much I haven’t been able to go back to the west coast much. The great news is I’ve picked up some new hobbies out here! I read a lot more than I used to, and have been jogging around the trails here. Which are incredibly beautiful, but I keep forgetting to put on tick repellent!

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  3. I’m so happy for you that you’re liking where you moved. That’s so important. And homesickness is a real bitch. I have been feeling physically living up in the Catskills and I legit think it’s due to the anxiety and homesickness. Visiting New Jersey for the holiday weekend sounded like it was really nice. Hopefully you’ll be able to make another trip soon. And good luck with the making friends thing. It’s REALLY hard.

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