Weekend In Bar Harbor, Maine

We took a cool 4-5 hour drive up to Bar Harbor this weekend. We’ve been to Portland, Maine before, but never added on Acadia or Bar Harbor because it was just so much extra driving time. Especially when we lived in New Jersey.

On the way to Acadia National Park, we stopped in Portland for a lobster roll at Portland Lobster Co. – they have one of the best rolls I’ve ever had! If you’re ever visiting New England, especially New Hampshire and up, it’s a rule that you have to get a lobster roll. Portland is a very charming city, but we grabbed a coffee at Maine’s Pantry (and a beeswax candle!) and continued our drive.

When we got to Acadia National Park, we walked the Otter’s Point trail and walked along the ocean. We aren’t much for intense hikes, this one was very mild and gave us an ocean view with an overall 3-4 mile walk. We then drove over to Jordan Pond to see “the bubbles” – which really just look like a butt #notsorry.

From there, we drove into Bar Harbor and walked the main street. We explored the shops a little, but for a Saturday night everything closed really early. Like the place we ate dinner closed at 9 and the shops were closed much earlier than that. We got dinner at Jalapeno’s and then a drink down the street. Portland and Bar Harbor kind of remind me of each other, they are both quaint and beautiful but you don’t need more than 1-2 days in each town.

It was nice to be by the water for a while and enjoy a trip with friends. Have you ever been to Bar Harbor or Acadia? What should I check out next time I go?


12 thoughts on “Weekend In Bar Harbor, Maine

  1. I mean… I think they look more like boobies. I have not been there; this is just based on your picture. This makes me even more excited to see you month in photos for this month! I bet you got some pretty cool shots. 🙂

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  2. I had the chance to visit Maine a few years back. I had never been to the east coast. I’m from Western Oregon. Maine was beautiful. I loved it out there. If you ever visit the northwest let me know. I’ll point you to some fun destinations.

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  3. Beautiful photograph! I have some blogs from Acadia, our most recent trip was in April. You can find them under the Maine tab, or search for them by name. Have you been to Cadillac Mountain? One of the most amazing spots I’ve been! I think my other favorite was the walk around Jordan Pond. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

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