How I’ve Been Neglecting My Health

I’m not athletic. I’ve never been athletic. I played soccer from when I was a child until I was 16 – basically when I lost all sense of athleticism and felt way too uncool playing soccer. I got C’s in my gym class – yupp. I would walk the track and barely make the mile. It’s just never been my thing.

And I didn’t work out in college. I was stick thin (though if you had asked me then, I was really fat). Once in a while I’d go run on a treadmill. My senior year some of my friends were really into fitness and I was actually gaining weight at that point so I’d join them sometimes, but rarely.

It wasn’t until I graduated that I had all this free time on my hands living at home and working only a little more than part time that I started to go to the gym and eat healthier. It was easy because my mom and I did it together, she bought all of our food, and I had enough money and time for a good gym membership. I was stronger and the healthiest I had been in years.

As soon as I moved out and got a full time job, that changed and I’ve never been able to get back to it. Fitness is tough for me, I’m tired a lot and it just doesn’t satisfy me. I’ve tried all the classes, I hate cardio, only lifting is tolerable to me. And I also eat when I’m stressed. Food has always been my #1 source of happiness when I’m down.

But even though I’m not “fat” – I’m not healthy. I’ve been neglecting my health. I work somewhere where all we do is push how active you need to be and I go home and sit on the couch every day after my 8 hours is up. It’s something I’m working on. I often give myself a break because if I’m tired my body might need to rest. In reality, my body can’t get in motion when I’m not putting it in motion.

So here’s my blog post about trying to be healthy, maybe it will hold me accountable. Maybe I’ll hit the gym more than 4 times a month and maybe I’ll stop ordering out for dinner 3 times a week. I do care about my health, I just need to get to the point where that care turns into something more.

16 thoughts on “How I’ve Been Neglecting My Health

  1. Girl. I fell ya. The only reason I’ve made it to the gym at the very least once a week since I’ve gotten married (talk about motivation) is because my gym has those fancy machines that have individual tv screens on them, and I can’t miss my Monday night show. If I have enough energy the rest of the week, I try and go 2 or 3 more times, but it’s exhausting working 8 hours, coming home to chores, making dinner then going to the gym.

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  2. Honestly, 100% related to this. Staying consistent with working out became so tricky once I started working full-time, and even trickier now that my schedule is all over the place between working and school. Classes (particularly barre) are really the only thing that keeps me motivated, because I’m too intimidated to lift by myself at the gym.

    Wishing you luck on your health journey!!

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  3. SAME. The very last thing I feel like doing after a full workday is something I hate—i.e. cardio. I think this has been my hardest transition from student to real, working adult, especially after being naturally thin and then suddenly not feeling like it. It’s a little comforting to know that there’s more than a few of us in this together.

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  4. This is something we all face in common, we somehow end up neglecting the health part most of the times once we step in to this regular job thing. I wish i can go back to choosing health over other things but still seems like a goal far away.

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  5. I relate to this point sooo much. I have never been athletic either and eating healthy has never been a priority for me. I know both of these things are important but it’s never been high on my list of things I need to do. As horrible as this sounds, but the couple of hours I have to myself after work I’d rather spend in front of the TV than working out. I am constantly trying to get into a routine of working out and eating healthier. I just never stick with it. I finally started doing a yoga session every morning before work. I am hoping I can actually stick with it this time. Good luck~

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  6. I didn’t get into fitness until I got a sedentary job and gained about 15 pounds. I carry my weight where most woman want to have it, so I didn’t really notice at first. My clothes still fit, even clothes I had from high school. My tummy was still flat.

    But then I had to be weighed for a license and the scale did not lie. I remember the doctor looking at me and looking at the number and calling the nurse back in to verify it. I didn’t look it, but I sure enough had it. I have a heart condition, so regardless of what my clothes said, the weight had to go ASAP.

    Since then, I’ve gone to the gym once per week and sometimes work running, hiking or biking somewhere in there for an extra day. Once per week works great for me. I basically tell myself I have to go and just don’t talk myself out of it. That was 2014 so, so far so good.

    I’ve been meaning to go more often, but I can never seem to find the time and when I do, I would really rather be hiking or biking.

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