The Hookup On: PROVEN Skincare


A few weeks ago I shared with you all my journey with acne. I’m now ending the medication I was on to clear up my acne and I love my new skin but it needs some major love after all of the side effects of the medication. I am now trying out PROVEN products which are personalized depending on answers to their skincare assessment.

You first tell them what skincare issues you’d like to address – for me it is dryness, redness, and a loss of firmness. Next you describe your skin, your skin tone, tell them your age and gender, and a few other questions. The quiz then switches to your lifestyle asking how many glasses of water you drink, how many hours you sleep, stress levels, food intake, amount of exercise, how often you travel, screen usage, and hours in the sun. They even ask for your zip code for localized factors such as pollution and UV index.

My personalized products came in and I received a cleanser that is free from parabens, alcohol, and pthalates which can irritate your skin and are found in most off-the-shelf cleansers. I also received a personalized anti-pollution SPF. It’s much more than a sunscreen because it is also a moisturizer and contains powerful antioxidants. The ingredients include 4 ocean safe SPFs, 5 anti-pollutants, 4 barrier shields, and 3 nourishers. The last item I received was a night cream that helps rejuvenate my skin while I sleep!

I did my first round of the products this week and love the results so far. If you’re interested in trying PROVEN for yourself, use my link!


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