When Your Friends Start Getting Married

This is not an “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” type post – but it is, sorta. I’m at that age. You know. The one where all your friends start getting married so you’re taking off once a month for a bachelorette party or wedding or bridal shower.

I don’t even have a lot of friends, I can count them all on one hand. But still I’ve found myself in the year of weddings. It’s a lot of fun and it feels really great for someone to want you to be part of their special day. But it’s also super weird. Like when I go dress shopping with my friend and she puts on “the one” – it really hits you that a lot of your friends are about to start a whole new chapter in their life.

Even if they’ve been together a long time, even if they’ve lived together – married life is different. You’re really all in it together now. And then for most people comes babies and a shift in career or if your spouse moves to a different state it means you move to a different state.

I don’t feel left behind at all, I don’t feel like I need to get married. But it’s odd to watch people move forward when I’m just moving at a completely different pace. It definitely makes me stop and think a lot about how fast time can go. How I lived in a sorority house with 10 girls and the chaos that ensued there. And how that was over 4 years ago and now some are already married and two of them are getting married and I’m sure a lot more of them are about to follow suit.

This time in our lives, the time where everyone starts to get married, really reminds you how fast time flies. I’m at that age and I’m happy, but I wish life would slow down just a little and I wish I’d stop rushing through it.

8 thoughts on “When Your Friends Start Getting Married

  1. Life doesn’t hang around and wait for you does it? Every age is a wonderful time in your life and it’s great that your friends are getting married but that doesn’t mean you have to. Just enjoy being who you are right now. It’s all good.

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  2. Life will never slow down, but the good news is you can choose not to rush.

    A word of warning, however. Not only are you old enough for your friends to all start getting married, you’re old enough for people to start asking (if they haven’t already) “So when are you guys getting married?” No matter how chill you are, it can get annoying.

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  3. We all move at our own pace. I never imagined that I wouldn’t be getting engaged until I was 33 but that’s life. I really wish I didn’t spend so much time stressing time frames so much. Enjoy life at your own pace and enjoy the weddings. People complain about having to go to weddings or be in them but I find them fun, despite the expense.

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