Why We’ve Chosen The Places We’ve Traveled

Do I have a list of places I want to see in the world? Yes. Do I follow it? Not really. I feel like most travelers have this grand list and when they’re done in one spot they start planning a trip to the next spot on the list.

But we’ve never really traveled like that. My boyfriend and I take advantages of opportunities rather than spending time eyeing certain locations. Don’t get me wrong, if we ever get married then our honeymoon will definitely be in Santorini, Greece, but besides that we have no hard plans.

Almost all of our trips have been booked off of Groupon. We just get in the mood to start planning a trip, nail down the dates, and then start looking for the best deals until we land on one! No plan in sight. Did I think I would visit Egypt this past year? Absolutely not. It was one of my dream locations since I was in high school, but I never planned for us to be able to go while we are still young!

And even now, with Labor Day Weekend coming up, I looked at those empty three days and thought – what can we do? Where can we go? We looked at our airline miles and took advantage of a house in the family to go to Chattanooga, TN!

Has it been my dream to go to Chattanooga? No. But I don’t care where I’m going, as long as I’m exploring. The only sort of plan I have is to visit every state in the United States – and hey, I’d love to go to every country in the world too! But that ones a little more difficult.

Why have we chosen to go the places we’ve been? Circumstance – and it’s worked out great for us!

20 thoughts on “Why We’ve Chosen The Places We’ve Traveled

  1. I love it! I’m like you- I think just about anywhere can be interesting, really. Except maybe Fresno. Fresno sucks. But hell yeah, I’d go to Chattanooga. I even find grocery stores in different regions interesting. I’ll go anywhere. 🙂

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  2. I feel like I’m the same way. I have my list of places, but we also take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Like last year we had free rooms at Harrah’s in NOLA, so we went. This year we’re looking at taking a mini Texas Roadtrip and staying with some family along the way to reduce cost. Travel is a priority for me more so than my hubby, but even if we just do a weekend getaway to somewhere we always have fun. I’ve been really trying to explore my own state this year and learn more about what’s around me as far as historic locations and natural landmarks.

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    1. Same. I realized that as much fun as it is to see different cultures, it’s a shame when one says they love travelling but then haven’t been to places 45 minutes outside of their city. I realized that if I go to a foreign country, if they ask me “hey, you’re Canadian right? What’s this part of Canada like?” then I should be able to answer instead of only knowing my hometown.

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  3. Perfect way to travel Rosie. Taking advantage of opportunities and being so open-minded is brilliant and you’ll get to see so many new places that you never expected to visit. Love it. Let life throw you clues and go where it leads you. Exciting.

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  4. I absolutely love this! Really inspirational! Whilst my occasional trip is unplanned, I usually plan in meticulous detail. However, I’d love to turn up at an airport and just buy a ticket for the first available flight to wherever! xx

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  5. Love that you choose your destinations on a whim! I am like that with the timing of my vacations, it all depends on the lowest prices, not certain weather or seasons like other people do.

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