Bringing Back Date Nights

One of the items I added to my summer bucket list is having an intentional date night at least once a month. I think it’s easy to get lost in our relationships. We get comfortable and we stop going out. We live together so we feel like we see each other all the time – what’s the point of a date?

But getting home from work and sitting on the couch to watch tv together does nothing to build your relationship. It just makes everything stagnant.

So we’re bringing back date nights. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, we used to switch off on date ideas. Now back then, we were both trying to woo each other so the date nights were a little bit more extravagant. But it took the pressure off of one person to make the decision and allowed us to explore each other’s hobbies.

I think this is the best strategy to date night, I choose this month and he chooses the next. And now the dates can be a little less extravagant, because we obviously are already into each other. They can be so simple as long as they’re intentional.

Not hey, do you want to order tacos tonight and watch tv? Versus hey, on Thursday let’s order anything you want and rent a movie! Your pick and no cell phones allowed.

The difference is subtle, but huge. Because you’re thinking of each other. You have the other person’s interests in mind. And you’re making time for each other. Our relationship gets lost all the time and we have to communicate and work at it to get it back on track. Date nights help with that.

14 thoughts on “Bringing Back Date Nights

  1. This is so important. When my fiance and I first moved in together, I feel like date nights stopped. Like you said, we saw it each other all the time so we didn’t even think to make time for intentional date nights. We have gotten a lot better and we always make time for at least one date per month.

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  2. I think this seems trivial but is actually extremely important for the longevity of a relationship! Kudos to you for recommending this and I’m happy its working out really well for you two! 😍😘

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  3. I think this is an absolutely great idea and you are quite right hey, when you get used to seeing someone everyday no one tries to impress the other and also become less spontaneous. I love that you both have decided to do this, have fun πŸ’•

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  4. I love your example and how easy it truly is to make a distinct choice. My husband and I have never really had a intentional date night, because we associated it with spending money, but I feel like it’s super doable and can be simple. Thank you for sharing!


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