Making Rash Decisions

I think we all get into a headspace sometimes where we’re like this is it, I need to find a new job. But it doesn’t always mean we need a new job. Sometimes it just means you need a change, you need a promotion, you need to air your guts to your boss and get some kind of confirmation that you’re doing okay.

In those small moments, there is usually something that will drag you out of them and keep you going and motivated.

I feel like I get rash when those little moments come up. It’s like the end of the world to me because I struggle with adulthood so much already. But at the end of the day, if I was presented the opportunity to leave – I wouldn’t. That’s how I know I’m being rash. Because if I made a pros and cons list, the pros would outweigh the cons and I wouldn’t really want to start over somewhere new.

But sometimes there are much bigger moments. Where you’re reaching for those confirmations or answers or changes and you’re not getting them. So no one’s helping to drag you out and you aren’t dragging yourself out anymore. In that case, it’s time to move on.

It’s hard to decipher when you’re just being rash or when you really need to gtfo. I find lists help, taking time to think over your decision, and approaching the leaving your job process very slowly. You never know when things could get better.


5 thoughts on “Making Rash Decisions

  1. I’ve definitely been in situations like this where I so badly wanted to give into a rash thought and quit my job on the spot, but thankfully the more logical side of me has always prevented me from doing something I’d regret.

    I will say though, that sometimes a rash thought can spur you in the right direction when it is time to make a change. For me, that opportunity arose when I had applied for and been presented an offer for a new job, but was scared to leave my job that was making me miserable. A bad interaction at that bad job pushed me over the edge to accept the new role and I never looked back!

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    1. I totally agree, if you get rash and start applying elsewhere it might just be the push you needed. Or you can be like me and chicken out of interviews I never should have scheduled in the first place lol


  2. Much better to make a balanced decision and making a list of for’s and againsts etc is always a good thing to do. Quiet time considering your options and allowing yourself to properly think is important too.

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