How Social Media Tricks You Into Wanting Things You Don’t Actually Want

I can say all these things because I’m a social media geek. I use it personally, I use it as a hobby, and I use it professionally.

Social media sucks and tricks you into wanting things you don’t actually want. I’m really not talking about the unrealistic body standards set by insta models or even the clothes or make up you constantly see ads for. I’m talking about in life, social media tricks you into thinking you want to reach certain milestones just because everyone else is.

I have to use getting engaged and married as an example because almost everyone my age knows that you can’t be in your mid 20’s without seeing an engagement post every week. I don’t want to be engaged right now. That would be literally terrible for me. I can’t imagine the stress of planning a wedding, we don’t really have our finances in check, we live 5 hours away from our friends and family. Now is not the time and we don’t want it.

But boyyyyyyyyyy when I see those shiny rings on my timeline I can’t help but go and look at them online to see how much it would cost to get one of my own. When I see those pretty white dresses I just want to try one on. Even when I see moms who have decided to stay home with their cute little babies I get a pang of jealousy.

I don’t even want kids! I don’t even like them that much!

Even with travel, I’m given the bug to book my vacation as soon as I’m back from a trip because of the fomo social media gives me. But social media really tricks you into thinking you want those things because of how glamorous they feel on the timeline.

11 thoughts on “How Social Media Tricks You Into Wanting Things You Don’t Actually Want

  1. I agree, fomo is so real and it’s quite dangerous. I experience all the time and I try to not pay attention anymore. My wedding is in 16 days and yes it is so stressful and seeing other weddings, I’m like “I want that and that and that”.

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  2. This made me laugh about kids ‘I don’t even like them that much!’ hahah. It’s so true though, I sometimes see things and have a pang of ‘right, when am I getting married then’ but have to remember that isn’t actually what I want or need right now!

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  3. You’re so right about social media tricking you and making you think you want everything that others have. You just need to sit back and be objective I think and not think too much about what you’re reading or seeing.

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  4. I agree with everything you said! It makes me worry for kids honestly, because they grow up with social media and the need to make all these accomplishments/have all the material things they see others have on social media.

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    1. I totally agree, I think social media is really going to shape these kids. Maybe it will make them tougher and work harder, but when they’re so young it doesn’t allow them to just enjoy being a kid


  5. I think we all get like this sometimes. We just have to remember that we’re seeing the highlight reel of that person’s life. When I get married, I’m definitely going to post a picture of myself in my beautiful wedding dress, but of course I’m not posting about the hell that planning a wedding with an overbearing mother-in-law has been. For every cute baby pic you see, there were a million tear-filled, sleepless nights.

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