Being A Loner Doesn’t Mean I Always Need To Be Alone

I actually have a hard time fully grasping my introverted personality. Sometimes I can get out of my shell and be extroverted, but then I end up having anxiety over every single thing I said and did in that extroverted instance. Sometimes I think it’s just easier to be alone. I’m happy there, I’m safe there.

My boyfriend and I haven’t really made friends in New Hampshire. We’re alone together a lot, but it’s not a bad thing because we see each other as best friends. And I kind of just chalk it up to the fact that I’m a loner, being alone is what I love.

But then I have these instances where I surround myself with people, where I embrace a bit of extroverted energy, and I realize I need that. As humans, we all still need that. A chance to let go, to meet people, to mingle and explore.

As someone who loves to travel, I’m surprised I didn’t realize this early. I travel to learn, to keep my mind sharp, and myself happy. Meeting people and being around people also gives you the chance to learn, keep your mind sharp, and be happy.

So even though I’m a loner, I don’t always need to be alone. Sometimes it’s best to just shake loose and be with people – even if it requires a little alcohol like it does for me. A night out with friends can completely rejuvenate me. I’m happy with what I have, but being around fun people on my terms can only make me happier.

11 thoughts on “Being A Loner Doesn’t Mean I Always Need To Be Alone

  1. I feel like this describes me a lot. I am overall an introverted person and like my alone time a lot. I have not made any friends since moving away so most of the times it’s just me and my fiance. And I like it, but I also love the weekends when friends or family come to visit. I need human interaction, just not all the time.

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  2. I completely relate to this. I’m the more introverted type, but I like to be around extroverts and outgoing people because it helps me get out of my shell. But I also love being alone because then it all gets too much for mw

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  3. During my 20’s I was the one who always had to have a dozen people around. It was non-stop and to tell the truth, I didn’t really enjoy it. It was a lifestyle I chose and it wasn’t until I hit the 30 mark where things began to change.

    Do whatever it takes to make you happy and productive. You want to leave a little bit of yourself in this world and if you can find a way to do that you’re living a pretty good life.

    BTW: My one and only visit to New Hampshire was great. So beautiful out there.

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  4. This is very similar to me, except that I don’t get the chance to hang out with anyone but my bloke as all my friends drifted away. I do find it anxiety inducing trying to work out what to say in conversation with new people and come off as ditzy totally random!

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  5. I am 66, going on 67 and while I have always liked being by myself I have 6 ladies who I call my Circle of Sisters . We all don’t live in the same states , nor are we the same ages, I’m the oldest, lol,but it’s always nice to get together with them once and awhile , (like baseball , basketball , and hockey season. They are my friends after all)and act the fool.

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  6. I mostly enjoy being alone too but I do get bursts of energy from just being around fun, extroverted people so I do like the company once in awhile. Alcohol always makes things easier. 😉

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