To Those Who Self Sabotage

Republished from 5/31/15

In most cases, you are your own worst enemy.

Someone who self sabotages knows what they want and have all the means to get it.  For instance, they are on their way into a great relationship and actively do something so that relationship never begins.  Usually they do this because something in their past is subconsciously affecting how they think now.

If you self sabotage, you probably have problems managing your emotions or thoughts.  I’m a classic over thinker, myself. Every time something good comes my way I start to question everything about it.  Is this really what I want? Will I succeed or will I fail? What if something else comes along?

It’s hard to identify when you are self sabotaging.  Mostly because you’ve put so much thought into your life that you’ve convinced yourself that your decisions are correct.  I repeatedly convince myself that i’m making the right decision after completely overthinking it – but on a day to day basis, I shouldn’t have to be putting so much thought into something that could be so easy.

All you can ever do is learn from your mistakes.  Identify how you are self sabotaging and figure out the best way to stop it according to you.  I’ve learned to stop self sabotaging in most aspects of my life, but am still working on forming relationships.

Ask yourself questions, but don’t overthink.

5 thoughts on “To Those Who Self Sabotage

  1. I’m a classic self-sabotager. Well, kind of. I get into a relationship and it’s going GREAT. Seriously. Not an issue. I just FIND something wrong and then I run. No overthinking for me, just running. Miles. Fast. Ha. I used to do that. I’m working on ignoring that feeling now 🙂 Fingers crossed I can do it.

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    1. I’m the same way! I’m really trying to work on not over thinking all my relationships so one will eventually work out. Good luck 🙂


  2. Love this. I used to self-sabotage, but thankfully through counseling and a lot of self reflection I’ve grown out of it. I still have my moments at times, but for the most part I’m so much better now. It definitely takes time to break that habit and thought process.

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