Weekend Trip To Chattanooga, TN

I kicked off September with a long weekend trip to Chattanooga, TN! We took advantage of some mileage we’ve accrued and a family member’s summer house for this trip.

Places we went:

  1. Ruby Falls
    Ruby Falls is a really cool underground waterfall. You walk through a cave to get to it, about a half mile to get to it. Despite the terrible parking and slow pace of the tour, it was very cool to see.
  2. Rock City
    A beautiful garden laden with gnomes and fairytales. It also has a point where you can overlook 7 states at once. We counted 72 gnomes on the trails but apparently missed a few!
  3. The Tennessee Aquarium
    This aquarium is split up into a freshwater building and ocean building which is pretty cool! My favorite part were the lemurs and the butterfly garden.
  4. Chattanooga Choo choo
    Make sure to check out the train cart that’s also a bar!
  5. Chattanooga Whiskey Distiller
    I don’t like whiskey…but I love a good distillery tour.

Notable Places we ate:

1. Adelle’s Creperie
2. Tupelo Honey Cafe
3. Velo Coffee
4. Clumpies

I think Chattanooga is definitely up and coming. Looks like they’re introducing pedal tours and they even have a free bus to shuttle you around. My favorite part was all of the old brick factory buildings – I’m a sucker for old buildings! It was a quick, easy going trip and I definitely didn’t expect to see some of the gems I did!

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