September Recap

Favorite show: Don’t judge me, but I was all about Bachelor in Paradise

Favorite memory: My best friend getting married 🙂

Favorite place: Salem, MA

Favorite meal: We had so much seafood in Salem, buffalo calamari is my drug of choice.

Favorite Instagram: Just swinging on a tire swing.

Favorite Tweet: We celebrated our 3 year anniversary with a small fam hike!

One thing I did to get out of my comfort zone: I went too far out of my comfort zone and drank too much one night. It was a hard lesson learned since I actually hate when I get that way.

Favorite book: I’m reading a series – I’m 2 books into the Dirty Blood series.

Favorite blog post: This reflection on 9/11 and the randomness of life.

Favorite collaboration: Face masks…but for your butt. By Freeman Beauty!

What was one of your favorite things from September?

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