Harping On Silly Mistakes

I’m hard on myself. I think it’s because I know I’m good at what I do, so when I make a silly mistake it means I was just being careless.

And we all get careless from time to time, it’s hard to keep your same motivation day in and day out. But I never like for things to suffer because of me, because of a mistake I made. Not that I really think things suffer from the small mistakes I’ve made over the years, but in my brain it feels that way.

It feels that I’ve let people down, that I’ve made a monumental mistake. And I don’t make mistakes often, so little ones hurt a lot.

But harping on anything is no way to live. And harping on silly mistakes really takes a toll on your mental health. I am going to be more active in differentiating what mistakes are my fault and what mistakes aren’t. What things I can change and what things I can’t.

And I’m going to accept more help. Sometimes silly mistakes just come from putting too much on your plate or too much on yourself. We can’t do it all alone. So for now, try to out the silly mistake behind you and move forward.

13 thoughts on “Harping On Silly Mistakes

  1. So true, it’s hard to become careless when you get comfortable & make silly mistakes – but we’re all human and sometimes it’s just a sign that we need to slow down a bit!

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  2. First off: Great picture.

    I am with you on this topic. I too am hard on myself, I know I can do it but every now and then I mess up a scene. I over or under do it and I know it shouldn’t bother me but it does. It eats at me. That’s who we are. We’re tough on ourselves.

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  3. Harping on silly mistakes does take a toll on your mental health! I’m glad you’ve decided to take a step back & fully realize what you can & cannot change, you’re going to feel so much freer. Most things can simply be forgotten about! πŸ™‚

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