10 Things I Love About New Hampshire

We’ve been questioning our future in New Hampshire a lot recently. Not because we don’t love it, but because of y’know, life. And how long we can realistically stay up here – is it a few years? Is it the rest of our lives? But I really do love it in New Hampshire and I’ll tell you why…

  1. Live Free or Die
    This is New Hampshire’s slogan, it’s on our license plates and I love it. It’s very absolute and my kind of message.
  2. The buildings and history
    Like most of New England, there’s so many beautiful and historic brick buildings and history.
  3. I live in a little city
    It’s the perfect size just for me. We can walk by the river, we can walk to get groceries, we can walk to the bar. It’s what I’ve always wanted.
  4. The weather in the summertime
    It’s barely overly hot, there are so many gorgeous days where you can be outside and be comfortable.
  5. The fall foliage
    I was driving through upstate New Hampshire into Vermont earlier this week and was just drooling over the leaves changing colors – the trees and mountains are all you see for miles.
  6. The ability to have the ocean, mountains, city, and country all in one place
    In this aspect, New Hampshire reminds me a lot of New Jersey. I love that I can drive an hour in any direction and hit one of these things. Although, the shoreline is much smaller here than in NJ.
  7. The ability to explore New England
    Just like how New Hampshire has all these things close by, everything in New England is fairly close too. Burlington, Boston, Portland are all under 3 hours away. We’ve gotten to explore so many cool towns.
  8. The understanding that it’s cold and we’re going to dress for the cold
    No heels in the winter time, no fancy jackets. I need my duck boots and my puffy coat and everyone understands that.
  9. The love of sports
    This is probably on me because I just never got into sports while living in NJ, but New England team pride is so strong up here I love it!
  10. It feels like home
    I don’t feel out of place, I don’t feel lonely. I feel completely comfortable being 5 hours away from where I lived my whole life until now. New Hampshire is just what I was looking for in life and I’m glad we found it.

24 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About New Hampshire

  1. I lived in Maine for a couple of years and loved every minute of it, even the cold. I have to say, though, it got tiresome shoveling my driveway before I went to bed at night, just so I could shovel it again when I woke up to go to work. Living in Flori(duh) now, and to do it all over again, I’d retire up north.

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  2. I’ve never been to New Hampshire, but now I really want to after reading this! I would love to live in a small city where you can walk to places. That’s what I’d want in my dream location! And being close to the city, the ocean and the mountains too? Kinda jealous now haha

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