Highs And Lows

You know when you ask kids what they learned in school that day and they say I don’t know? Well, I feel like a kid again because every time someone asks me how work was or what I did that day, I just don’t have a lot to say.

Mostly because I don’t really want to focus on work. But then I begin to ignore things that eat at me.

Thanks to Life of Hayley’s blog post, my boyfriend and I started going over our highs and lows of the day before going to sleep. He was hesitant at first and was like why are you asking me these questions? And even after that, it started slow, with very simple answers like: my low was all the meetings I had. But then it built up to: my high was when I was recognized for the good work I was doing in an important meeting.

We’ve been doing it for a couple weeks and it has helped to open our line of communication a bit more. Because I don’t always feel like talking about the negative things going on in my life, but I should mention them to my boyfriend so he knows what I’ve been dealing with. Even if it’s just a simple sentence when I’m talking about my lows, we’re both more informed on the inner workings of each other’s minds.

I don’t think it’s something we’ll do forever, but it’s working for us now. And who knows, maybe in a few months when we fall out of it we may introduce it again. It’s just a simple way to get talking, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

13 thoughts on “Highs And Lows

  1. When our kids hit that age of reluctant communication, we started a little game over the dinner table. Everyone was asked what the best and worst part of their day was. Occasionally, we got a “nothing good” but more often, they offered up way more than we would have expected, sparking some incredible conversations around the table. We continued this until they were off to college, and even now, both married with kids of their own, we still do this sometimes when we have a family gathering, usually begun by one of our kids, directed at their kid!

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  2. I used to do this with my friend in college early in our friendship with different variations like what was the most awkward or embarrassing thing that happened. Or we’d do what was the best, worst, and okay part of our day. We don’t do it anymore but I think it helped us get a better understanding of each other and it was sometimes pretty funny with the responses or stories we came up with.

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  3. I’m glad I was able to inspire you guys to start something new! I’ve enjoyed learning more about my husband’s mindset about his day and I really do think that it’s helped us communicate better. Thanks for sharing your experience too! 🙂

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  4. I really like this idea. I have to admit that I like it more for highlighting the highs of my day. I can be a bit of a complainer and right now I don’t like where I live and I don’t like where I’m working so I have a lot of lows. It’d be nice to do this and be able to recognize the highs of my day.

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  5. I love that you two have been doing this with each other & it’s been working so well. I always rant & rave to boyfriend but, I never ask him how his day was so I may need to start with the high & low question.

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