5 Year Blogiversary

Happy almost blogiversary to me! My blog’s anniversary is at the end of this month, but just wanted to take the time to acknowledge how I’ve been blogging for 5 years which is insane. Here’s the first blogiversary post I ever wrote.

My blog definitely peaked a few years back, but I really write more for my own sanity than anything. And if my rambles and word vomit help someone along the way, then I’m extra happy with that. For anyone new-ish around here, I wanted to just share some ~ fun facts ~ about me to celebrate the anniversary, please leave a fun fact about you in the comments!

  1. I always listen to the band Bright Eyes when my flight takes off
  2. I prefer my coffee lukewarm or iced
  3. I just started learning how to embroider
  4. I’m not a natural blonde
  5. I have 7 ear piercings

Thanks for sticking around my blog – I appreciate you!

47 thoughts on “5 Year Blogiversary

  1. Happy Anniversary to you! A fun fact about me…well, this is funny and probably a little weird, but: I do this thing to entertain my daughter where I make up voices and personalities for things. It started with our pets- terrible things they might say, if they could talk. Then it expanded to include other random animals, and then to even inanimate objects. I caught myself having a made up conversation with my bed the other day, and Camryn wasn’t even paying attention (my daughter). I must admit, I felt pretty silly trying to explain that when she asked. Hahahaha!

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    1. that’s so funny! We gave voices to all our pets growing up – our english cocker spaniel had a british accent and my sister’s dog that was rescued from the streets of the south had a colorful vocab with a bit of a southern accent.

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  2. That’s so weird–I was thinking about starting embroidery!! Fella and I have agreed to alternate gift giving for our wedding anniversaries and this year for our first, he got me a framed piece of music (for the paper gift) with our first dance on it. Next year will be my turn and it’s cotton, so I was thinking about embroidering something for him like part of our vows or something… I guess that can be my fun fact also. But another is that I can juggle. 🙂

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  3. Happy blogiversary!! Just came across your blog and I love what I’ve read so far. Such an authentic voice!

    Fun fact about me: I absolutely *love* to read and truly spend so much of my free time devouring lots of amazing books, though when asked what my favorite book is, I immediately think of this children’s book called, “The Pepins and Their Problems” by Polly Horvath. It is very witty, light-hearted, unusual, and hilarious… I have yet to find a more uniquely joyful book. Can always think of a more serious answer when the setting requires though 🙂

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      1. Yes! Absolutely! And sometimes I can’t remember what name I’ve put down or signed up to something with… it’s even more confusing now that I’m married and haven’t got around everything to update my surname yet!

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  4. Happy Blogiversary! I am a brand spanking new subscriber. Been so for about a month. I think your voice is friendly and humorous. Please keep on sharing. A fun fact about myself: I have been self-employed as a dog sitter for 13 years and I am a freelance writer/blogger specializing in non-fictional inspiration. I’m doing what I love. What could be more fun than that?

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  5. Happy Anniversary. I hope you go another five years.

    Fun Fact: Every morning before I tackle my novel I listen to a song by a 199’0’s band, The Sundays. Whenever I hear their song , ‘Here’s where the story ends’, it sets my mind in the mood I need to write.

    Have yourself a great week.

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  6. First off, congratulations on 5 years I mean wow, look how far you have come that is sooo cool! And any song in particular by bright eyes? How’s embroidery going? It looks so tedious and difficult! And a fun fact about me would be, I only drink my coffee at night and never the morning. HAHA!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I usually listen to their album I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning! It just feels airplane appropriate. Embroidery is actually pretty easy – I’ve tried cross stitching before and man that is not fun. Do you drink it caffeinated?? I would never be able to sleep!


      1. Ahhh okay I’m getting on a plane soon so I’ll go check it out! Really!? Im gonna go see the the difference! Yes its caffeinated, somehow coffee doesn’t affect me at night, only in the morning.

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  7. Happy blogiversary, Rosie!! 💖 Hope you continue to blog for many more years to come!!

    I honestly could not tell you weren’t a natural blonde & that’s awesome you are learning hoe to embroider. 😊

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