October Recap

I love October. I love fall. I love PG Halloween movies. I love snapchat filters that make me look spooky. Here’s my fall recap!

Favorite show: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Favorite memory: We went to Portland, Maine for Polar Fleece’s Maker Mixer! We love Portland and got to hang out with some cool local artists and then headed to a tattoo shop for some little tats after!

Favorite place: Portland, ME

Favorite meal: Apple cider donuts!

Favorite Instagram: I’ve started experiment with video edits

Favorite Tweet: Took some pretty New England and Fall-esque photos while pumpkin picking!

One thing I did to get out of my comfort zone: I started yoga again and bought an embroidery kit to kind of start zenning myself out more. Not necessarily out of my comfort zone, but I had to push myself to take action on my stress. I also started watching a lot of Youtube videos to learn how to do make up! After getting my make up done last month for a wedding, I was inspired to learn how to do my own make up a little better.

Favorite book: I didn’t read at all this month ugh.

Favorite blog post: I’ve had a few confidence knocks recently.

Favorite collaboration: Polar Fleece!

What was one of your favorite things from October?

20 thoughts on “October Recap

  1. My favourite thing about October? I worked up the courage and took the plunge….. I danced on stage as a dancing mommy for my daughters dance show with the studio she attends. First time I have been on stage in 18 years. It was wonderful. I miss the theatre!

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  2. My Favorite October Thing:

    The changing of the season out here in Western Oregon. I’ll never tire of that. The leaves are changing, the days are cooler and the rains have yet to bombard us every single second.

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  3. Hello I’m Saumya from India. First of all I would like to say that this is a really good reminder for us. To actually think of favourites of the Month, loved your post.
    My favourite things about October were the continuous festivals which we celebrated throughout the month. Navratri, Durga Puja, Dussehra and then Diwali. We had Diwali our traditional festival yesterday, which involved massive celebrations, decorations, lightings, prayers… It was wonderful.

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