Were You Really In Love With Your First Love?

Your first love more often than not leads to your first heartbreak.  It’s a hard lesson most of us have to learn, but in the end it’s for the better.

Initially, I blamed my ex.  Called him every name in the book, drunk dialed too many times to count, cried like the world was ending, and told everyone how I had gotten screwed over.

Then, I asked myself a lot of questions. Was this my fault? Could I have been a better girlfriend? Would it have worked out at a different time? Did we love each other at all? Did we like each other at all?

It probably was a little bit my fault and I definitely could have been a better girlfriend if the timing circumstances were different.  Although, if we had met 5 years in the future, we probably wouldn’t have anything in common and I probably wouldn’t be who I am today – which is someone I am 80% content with (there’s always room for improvement).  There wouldn’t have been any of the drama to overcome and I wouldn’t be so doe-eyed and naïve, it just would’ve been different.

I think most relationships that don’t work out go like this: They love each other at one point and like each other for a while.  But being in love quickly turns to just love which quickly turns to caring and comfort.  Liking each other quickly turns to tolerating each other which quickly turns to being stuck.

It starts as a fairy tale romance, but year after year we ignore how our relationships grow worse and worse. Is that what being in love is like? Being a part of something so grand that begins to dull and lose its spark but we deal with it because nothing gold can stay?

In the end, I don’t know if you were really in love with your first love because it all depends on how you feel with your last love.  I haven’t had much to compare it to since, but I look forward to finding out if you can fall in love more than once  or if you get one shot and it’s over.

16 thoughts on “Were You Really In Love With Your First Love?

  1. This is so real. I’ve only ever been in love with one person, and it was my high school boyfriend. We dated on and off from the 8th grade to the end of my first year at college (which was last year). I’ve never really known what it was like to love anyone else, so I’m not sure if what we had was real love or not, but right now I think it is. Thanks for writing such a relatable post. It’s really made me think a lot!

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    1. It feels like it’s impossible to know, I felt like I was in love at one point but I’m not sure if that’s a feeling that’s supposed to just come and go. I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

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  2. Not sure if anyone really knows what love is. One persons ‘falling in love’ may be completely different to another’s but whatever it is it can be tough when it fades. I’ve been in love twice and both with the same girl. Still in love with her too. There is someone out there just for you Rosie, he’ll appear when you least expect it.

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  3. I was definitely in love with my first love and still love him in a distant but appreciative way. I wish him nothing but the best and I know he wishes me the same. It’s been ten years or so and he still reaches out every so often. He was one of the first people to purchase my book when I published last Halloween.

    He was an amazing boyfriend, but ultimately, our lives just progressed along different paths and I had to either leave or be dragged in a direction I didn’t want to go for the sake of a relationship. I’ve never been the type of person to allow a relationship to dictate my life … even when madly in love.

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    1. Aw it sounds like you two really care for each other, that’s great! It’s really hard to fathom how we can spend so much time with someone then grow distant from them, that’s how it’s been with my exes. I’m glad you had a different experience.


      1. I’ve had the distant experience with all the other exes. We don’t speak. Period. If they reached out to me, I would never reply. Boys make stupid mistakes when they’re young, but for me, common sense should have saved them. Unforgivable those ones! 😅

        So, this guy is the exception. I think when the love is real, it can change but it never dies. It was definitely real. 🙂

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