15 Amazon Gifts Under $20

I never really do gift guides, but I do like to save good deals to my Amazon lists every now and then. These are a few good gifts for someone you may be buying small for. Whether it be coworker gifts, a secret santa swap, or a stocking stuffer – these under $20 buys are unique and affordable! *If you shop my amazon list, I will receive a small amount of commission. 

For the homebody:

Blankets, pillows, fluffy socks or slippers are great options! You can find a great deal on this blanket and slippers in my amazon storefront.

For the zen friend:

Candles, incense, and plants are always good buys for your yogi friends. In my shop, you’ll find this air plant (low maintenance) and a salt lamp for great deals.

For the new home owners:

A door mat, some pillow cases, and any item they could really utilize in their new home are great picks over trinkets and kitschy things.

For the on-the-go travelers:

Have some family that love to be all over the place? Items that are easily to travel with like reusable straws are a great gift! A planner that you can color in can hold their itinerary and give them something to do on the plane. A scrapbook is always a good option too, you could go the extra mile and print out photos for them!

For your fashionable friend:

Winter is here and so is winter fashion. Fleece lined leggings and a cute beanie are always appreciated. This side strap bag is neutral and well made (I have one!) something that can always be used.

For the dog lover:

Why not get something for their pet and for them too?!

For the game night host:

A new game to add to the collection! This is on my Christmas wishlist and I can’t wait to play with friends.


Shop these items here!


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