That First Love Feeling

I know that being in love with your best friend is a great feeling. I feel it every day. I feel it when we laugh at stupid things together, I feel it when we start singing the instrumentals in songs (poorly), I feel it when we comfort each other.

But nothing really compares to that falling in love for the first time feeling. And you can tell me alllllll you want about how you and your significant other still feel that warm and fuzzy about each other, but I won’t believe you.

Mostly because you have both been through some shit together. We all have. It’s nothing like your first date when you were so nervous you were shaking on the drive to the restaurant. It doesn’t compare to the cute texts or phone calls or letters you would send when you were still testing the waters to see if this would become a relationship.

What you feel now is nothing like the stomach drop when you first said I love you or the excitement of knowing you get to wake up with someone every day. It doesn’t compare to the I do at the altar.

Once you’ve been with someone for a while, that falling in love, first love feeling just becomes a memory. And I’ve had that feeling with a lot of different people, it’s a feeling I chased for a while when I hadn’t found the right person. It’s a feeling I still miss. I’d like to do it all over again with my boyfriend just to have that giddy feeling again.

It’s something that comes from innocence and from the unknown. It’s not a feeling that can stay with the relationship for a long time. While I still have those slo-mo movie moments where I’m like wow this means everything to me, it’s fleeting.

I think people will spend forever chasing that first love feeling. It’s a great feeling, but it’s really what follows that matters most.

7 thoughts on “That First Love Feeling

  1. First attraction and the first feelings of love are so exciting! The nervousness, the butterflies, the excitement of possibilities is something that you just cannot get with an established relationship. Like you said, when you’re with someone for a bit of time, life happens. You’ve been through stuff. You’ve seen each other at your worst. It’s definitely a deeper love but not always as exciting. Sadly, I think that’s the main reason why people cheat. They meet someone who brings back those feelings. You just gotta remember that it’s always going to pass. That new person is eventually going to show their flaws and baggage.

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  2. Sometimes it’s a little thing that you’ll always remember. Something small that they may have forgotten but you never will.

    I remember back in college. I’m sitting in the back row of this class. I studied half the night. I was nervous but confident that I would do pretty good in the final. All of a sudden she appeared. She leaned down and whispered in my ear good luck.

    Oh……I passed the test. 🙂

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  3. Honestly speaking my current relationship felt way better when it first started compared to the start of my first relationship
    My first date with my man
    I’ve felt safe with
    And i felt so much clarity
    And generousty
    And respect
    Unlike the unstable feelings I’ve received bk on my first date
    But that’s cuz we were both less mature than our current selves now
    And i had no idea what i wanted in a relationship

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