A Decade’s Difference

This new year will be a new decade. It’s crazy to think that the year 2000 was 20 years ago. In the moment I feel like time passes so slow, but looking back I can’t even remember who I was a decade ago.

A decade ago I was 16, it was a pretty shitty time. I struggled hard with high school and everything that came with it. I started rejecting my faith and turning to music for all of my solace. I barely got along with any of my family and I had really terrible friends that felt like they could fall apart at any moment.

At 16 I started dating someone who was 5 years older. At the time it seemed cool to be dating an older guy. I didn’t do well in classes, I didn’t even try. I started working part time at a movie theater and made some better friends even though I hated the job.

Now at 26, I try not to think back to that depressing time in my life. When I was a teenager I just kept telling myself that everything would be better if I could just make it out of high school. Luckily I was right. I always knew that I was more than I was, could be more, maybe even was more mature than most people my age.

And although I’ve never regained my faith, music is still there for me. In college I made friends who stand by me today. My family and I are close and there are constant additions welcomed with open arms.

I learned that my relationship back then could now be called grooming. It was manipulative. It set me up for failure and depression, but I grew through it. I did better in classes in college, I got internships every year. Then I graduated and got a job, then another job, and then a promotion.

Life changes so fast and I’m not always happy. I’m often very reflective and even sad. But I am always grateful that I made it through that period in my life, through this decade. When I was a teen it felt like everything was working against me. In college I was always working against myself.

Now I’m working towards something. Working with people, accepting help. Hold on through the tough times, you never know what a decade’s difference will make.

18 thoughts on “A Decade’s Difference

  1. If I look back to a decade a go, it’s going to depress me…lol
    My situation was FAR better than now.

    But I like your look at this, I look looking at the successes and challenges and seeing how to build upon it.

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  2. Very good post. I felt something very similar to what you felt when I was that age. And I agree. You just have to let those things work out for themselves. Just got to be patient.

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  3. This is really nice! When I look back ten years ago I think I was actually in a better place than now. Maybe ten years from now my post will be similar to yours and I’ll be in an even better place altogether!

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  4. I’m not gonna lie, the thought that the year 2000 was 20 years ago fills me with a lot of anxiety. I cannot believe we’re entering another decade. Time flies way too fast for my liking. But I should try to look at things the way you do in this post. Ten years ago I was 23 and I am in a much better place now. While my early twenties were a lot of fun, I’d never want to relive them.

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  5. It’s a good and motivational one, time passes soon and what we all are still learning the difference between our past and the present situation. We all have learnt so many lessons of life that teach us, heal us and keep us moving on and on … Have a great days ahead and wonderful post always! 🌹🌹

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  6. It’s interesting looking back at our younger selves. Sometimes when I do that I want to scream to that younger me to avoid certain people. Run for the hills. Don’t look back. Don’t fall for her smile. She will mess you up, 19 year old Bryan. But he never listens.

    Somebody once said it’s good to experience mistakes. That may be so as long as we don’t repeat them. By the way, dig the blue. 🙂

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  7. Hello friend, I absolutely agree with you. Everyone must pass through natural mature. Everything is unstable.But just focus on what you are doing right now. Don’t look the past which are physical and failure . Those are just a moment that you will pass. And also age
    will continue to keep getting older.Just think what I’ve done through those years as well as what I will had better to do coming year. Please don’t compare yourself for few years.Those are the message that I encourage you. I don’t think you believe Buddha’s speech because I believe Buddha’s speech. If you think yourself, just do meditation.While you are doing meditation, keep focus on the air that you breathe in and out. You will know who you are.

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  8. A decade is such a weird span of time and you do so much growing. So cool to see how you can recap and grow beyond that time with your new perspective! Hope this decade treats you even better!

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