Having Faith

The world is filled with cynicism and pessimism.  The news mostly shows depressing wars abroad or even in our own country. Our generation is consistently put down for not being good enough.  Everyone makes the future look so bleak.

It’s easy to just adopt that attitude.  To look at things with a half-empty glass point of view.  If you have no expectations, you can’t get hurt – right?

I’ve always considered myself a “realist.”  I don’t necessarily always see the downside to things and I often do have hope for things to get better.  But it’s more of an empty hope, chances are nothing is going to get better. Looking back, everything has only gone downhill so it makes sense that it would continue that way.

We forget to have faith on many occasions. It’s understandable when we’re surrounded with so much destruction and chaos. But, it only takes one moment to make something dull seem shiny again.  It only takes a little bit of faith to know that eventually, if we work hard enough and think smart, things can begin to get better.

People come through more than we anticipate and no matter how alone you feel, you are never really alone. Take a moment each day or even each week if you can to realize how much you have to appreciate. Honestly, when things start to suck it is really hard to remember all the things that don’t.

Think about how nice of a day it is out today, how great your friends can be, how your family always pulls through in times of need.  Think about how you got to breathe today and think about how you have a future – even if it is a little blurry.

Find your faith wherever you can and don’t let the world take it away.

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