Winter And My Mental Health

I’ve always been the kind of person that hates winter, pretty much everything about it. I’ve always lived somewhere with harsher winters, so of course New Hampshire is no different. I’m cold even in the summer time, so imagine how often I’m shivering in the winter!

There are many cozy things about winter like hot chocolate, fuzzy pajamas, and christmas lights. But those things aren’t very exciting after the first one or two snow storms. Most people don’t even get snow days from work!

It really takes a toll on me. The temperatures dropping so I can’t enjoy time outside. The daylight disappearing before I even leave work. Everything always being so dependent on the weather.

I start to get sad without even knowing the reasons. But the reason is I like to explore, I like to get out and shake up and off my work week and it’s just hard to do during the winter. Even when I make my bucket lists, even if I try to make plans, often times I’m just too tired to even execute.

I would love to see what it’s like in warmer climates, can you get seasonal depression if it never really gets cold? Maybe one day I’ll know what it’s like, but for now I’m just trying everything in my power to not get sucked into the winter blues.

17 thoughts on “Winter And My Mental Health

  1. I like to think that I’m just a bear hibernating for the winter. Life has different seasons and if we get one season a year to focus on rest, maybe it makes the rest of the year better. It’s ok to just be home, in bed, watching Netflix, with some hot cocoa. I hope you feel better 🙂

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  2. I completely understand where you are coming from, Rosie. I currently live in Florida but I’m originally from Indiana… and they are not just known for their basketball and auto racing! LOL!

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  3. Winter depression is a really serious issue and I’ve known so many people that suffer with it. I think the answer is to plan lots of events to fill your time and look forward to. Weekends and evenings need to be fun and exciting with family and friends so you don’t have time to just sink into yourself. You’re more positive than this Rosie. make a list of your top 50 Christmas films, that’ll take your mind off it …………………….

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    1. What if…I hate Christmas movies lol I actually do! The problem is I started off December with two weekends in a row where I didn’t make plans and now I need to get myself out of that rut.


  4. I know how you felt about winter.I feel like the same with you how much you wanna see sunny climate. The place where I live have 3 seasonal variation.We have hot, humid and cool climate. But Hot weather mostly happen to us that we can’t stand even if it is in humidity season. As a consequence, we don’t dare to work outside eventually we hardly ever fall in sleep deeply every night during summer. Furthermore, we move to stay mountain which is a little bit cool.I am thankful to say that there are a lot of places that we get away for temporarily. whatever it is, we have never happened to see snow during winter except fog.Those are where I came from.

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  5. I am the same way! I live in NC so it doesn’t get terribly cold, but the weather changes so frequently. It might be in the 60’s one day, and then it’ll be in the 30’s the next. I’m also not a fan of how it gets darker earlier. It makes it feel like the day has already ended by the time I get home from work, which isn’t true at all. I like being able to explore outside too, so the lack of light prevents that and requires me to engage more in the hobbies that do not need daylight. I used to travel to Florida (where I’m from) around Christmas, and I really enjoyed spending the holidays there! Maybe you should try to plan a few trips to warmer climates during the winter (if you can).

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  6. I hate the cold & hhow early it gets dark. The weather here isn’t so bad it would ever ruin your plans but, I think the lack of sunlight gives me a bit of seasonal depression still.

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  7. I find cold winders hard as I really feel the cold.. I’m in Australia and it’s no where near as cold as where you are in winter so I feel for you! I don’t know how I’d do over there! I think getting outdoors for a walk each day even if you don’t feel like it is good because you need the vitamin D.. that’s what easily plummets in winter. Hope you find ways to feel better 🙂

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  8. I totally agree! Up until Christmas it doesn’t seem so bad, but after having to shovel and cancel plans, the snow definitely gets old fast. In the winter I get stuck in a cycle of waiting; for the weekend, for warm(ish) days, for spring. I’m trying to work on breaking that and focusing on enjoying the now, even when the weather won’t cooperate. It has also helped having a dog that absolutely LOVES the snow. It makes me happy watching him live it up 🙂

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