Christmas In Amsterdam

Once again, we booked a trip through Groupon and this one was to Amsterdam! The Groupon was with the company we traveled to Iceland with, Gate 1, so we were pretty sure it would be a smooth sailing trip. And it was!

Amsterdam is really a beautiful city. My favorite part was just walking around and taking it all in. The buildings on the canals, the house boats, the bikes, it was all amazing! Fun fact, there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam and more than 25,000 bikes end up in the canals each year.

Amsterdam is really easy to get around, everyone speaks English and there’s a lot of transportation options. We ended up ubering a lot just for convenience, but it wasn’t hard to figure out the train lines.

Things we did:

Panoramic city tour – on our second day, we did a tour of the city by bus. This really set us up for exploring the city by foot the other days.

Marken, Volendam, and Windmills – our tour guides for this tour weren’t great, but we got to see some nearby towns including a cheese factory and clog factory!

Anne Frank House – seeing the Anne Frank house was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. You get to see exactly where they lived while in hiding.

Van Gogh Museum – It was amazing to see so many of Van Gogh’s paintings in one building and see how he progressed over time.

Wondr ExhibitΒ – these kind of exhibits exist all over the world, but I had never been to one! Basically an interactive museum made for Instagram.

Light Festival Canal Tour – there were many light installments done on the canal for Christmas so we took a canal tour to see them all.

Heineken Experience – this was a last minute add to our trip but it was very fun! It was the most interactive and unique brewery tour I’ve ever been on.

Ice bar – we went to the Ice Bar on our first day, basically drinking in an igloo. I thought it was a little underwhelming.

I would love to go back to Amsterdam, the vibe is so friendly and I’d love to see the tulip fields in the warmer months! Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What was your favorite part?

24 thoughts on “Christmas In Amsterdam

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Fella and I are in the talking part of possibly planning a trip to Europe this summer to go visit his family and he suggested we do an overnight ferry trip to Amsterdam for a day or 2. How exciting! Might have to look some of these places up. πŸ™‚

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  2. I had no clue that Groupon had travel deals so I will def be looking into that in the future! I can only imagine how incredible it must have been to see the Anne Frank house, the Van Gogh museum and all the lights along the canal. It looked like you both had such a wonderful trip – wishing you a healthy & happy New Year!

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  3. Been to Amsterdam a few times and you’re so right about how great it is. Tons to see and do everywhere isn’t there? Sounds like the Groupon deals have been really good too, haven’t booked any of those for a while but perhaps we need to start looking again.

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  4. I haven’t been YET but it’s definitely on my list of places to explore! Looks like you had a grand time though, thanks for some ideas of what I should get into when I do get there!
    xo Bri

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      1. Yes that is how they all are I think! I go for the ones that are flight and hotel bundles and sometimes tours are thrown in or they’re all inclusive depending on the vacation type


  5. I would definitely love to visit Amsterdam! The Anne Frank House & Van Gogh Museum would definitely be on my must-visit list. Sounds like you guys got to see & do so much! 😊

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