Does Anyone Ever Know How Much You Love Them?

One of the biggest regrets I have when someone passes away is not telling them how much they meant to me. I’m not much of a speaking my emotions kind of person. I’ve always been more prone to write it down. I think that limits me in some ways, there are only so many opportunities to write someone a letter or a message to let them know how much you love them.

And if you’re by someone’s bedside for the last moments and you aren’t really a say it out loud kind of person like me, you can feel regret.

There are many ways to show someone you care. For me, I’ve always accepted love in a more show me don’t tell me kind of way. And I express it similarly along with writing. People receive love differently, not everyone wants that note or conversation. Some people just want that silent agreement that we both care about each other a lot.

But it’s hard to accept that most people will never really know how much you cared and you will kind of always feel as if you didn’t do enough. I could’ve texted more, I could’ve sent a card, I could’ve been better.

I think we just need to have faith that our loved ones know we love them. It’s not something that needs to be spoken all the time and it’s not something that needs to be said before someone passes away. They just know, just as we know they loved us.

5 thoughts on “Does Anyone Ever Know How Much You Love Them?

  1. I am more of a “write it down” kind of person too but I realized, with my boyfriend, he doesn’t really care about letters & stuff lol, he rather have me show him or say it out loud so I’ve been learning more & more to do so. You are right though– our loved ones know we love them, even if we don’t always say it.

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