One Year In New Hampshire

In September of 2018, we spent a weekend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and loved it. In December of 2018, we were preparing to move to New Hampshire.

And now it’s been a year here. I can very honestly say when we first moved a lot of panic set in. My boyfriend didn’t move up here with me until a month later and my life just felt very unbalanced. I lived in a new place where I didn’t know anyone and I was starting a new, and more difficult, job that was pretty rocky. My first memories of living in New Hampshire are not really good ones.

I was working late a lot because I didn’t really have anything else to do. I also just kind of stopped eating, which has never happened to me before. I could be dying from a stomach virus and I’d still try to eat. But my anxiety really got to me when I moved. I’d get a breakfast burrito from the cafe across the street every morning (because I wasn’t brave enough yet to try new places) and then maybe I’d have a snack at dinner and that would be it.

Nothing about New Hampshire felt like home.

But it grew on me. Almost to the point where it would really pain me to leave here. Although we still don’t know a lot of people, we get a lot of visitors. And I love showing off the sights of this state. Sometimes we hit the coast, sometimes we stay in the city, sometimes we hike the mountains. There’s so much to choose from.

And being so close to different states in New England is a big win.

It’s been more than exciting to live in a new place and experience a newer culture. I put myself out there and I’m proud of myself for doing that. No matter how long I stay in New Hampshire, it will always hold a small place in my heart. A place that feels like home.

10 thoughts on “One Year In New Hampshire

  1. A change in life is stressful. But it looks like time healed for you. Sometimes that’s all it takes. If we give things time it usually works out. What’s not to love about New England. My first and only visit was great.

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  2. NH is truly an underrated state – in terms of the beauty that it can offer from the beaches to the hiking/mountains, etc. That being said, I can totally see how moving to NH could be lonely or hard at first since some places in NH have more isolated, small towns.

    I’m glad you’ve grown to love NH and get more visitors. We should plan a NE blogger meet up sometime! I’m always down to make new friends IRL!!

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