30 Questions

Thank you Bill for nominating me to answer 30 questions! Here it goes…

1. What was your favorite childhood book? — The Outsiders, still my favorite!

2. What was your favorite TV show as a child? — Sailor Moon.

3. What book did you read in secret as a kid? — I don’t think I read anything in secret, A Child Called It was like the one book I remember reading maybe before I was supposed to.

4. What album and CD do you love and know by heart? — Deja Entendu by Brand New

5. What book did you hate as a student? — Great Expectations and Beowulf (we were forced to read it in the “old english” which was essentially a different language).

6. What is your all-time favorite movie? —Nightmare Before Christmas

7. What song always lifts your mood? —  Truth Hurts by Lizzo

8. What is the last book you read? — Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

9. Which TV shows have you binge-watched? Why? — Most recently, Next in Fashion because I love Tan France

10. If you were an animal, which animal would you be? — A sloth

11. What was your most embarrassing moment? — I have so many…let’s just say most involved too much alcohol

12. What famous author would you most like to meet? — I’m stumped! I’ve never really idolized authors

13. What in your past would you most like to change? — I wish I had never let anyone kill my spirit.

14. Describe your most profound musical experience. — Concerts are like my church so whenever I’m somewhere where everyone is really stoked about the same song and we can just jam independently but feel together at the same time.

15. What important classic book have you never read? — A lot of them, I’ve only read half of the Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, etc, because I hated reading for school even though I love reading.

16. What is your least-favorite food? — Milk or meat

17. What movie, book or music always makes you cry? — I was just thinking back to the time I held my dog in my hands and sobbed as I read Where the Red Fern Grows lol

18. What actor or actress do you have a crush on? — It definitely always changes but right now it’s between Austin Butler and Ross Lynch

19. Would you rather be a vampire or a zombie? Why? — Vampire because I’m not like a rotting corpse and vampires are cool af.

20. What book at home would you use to squash a bug? — the dictionary.

21. Which character would you like to be in “Harry Potter”? — Luna Lovegood

22. What song would you most like to sing on stage? — probs something by Selena Gomez

23. Do you like your name? What name would you prefer? — I don’t like my real name but I like Rosie

24. What do most people not know about you? — I think just that I’m really not very outgoing at all lol

25. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? — Somewhere warmer and not in America. I’d love to move to a different country just to learn more about the world culturally.

26. If you could go back in time, where would you go?— I always think ancient Greece would be pretty cool to see.

27. What poems have you memorized? Recite one of them? — I don’t think I’ve ever memorized a poem that wasn’t my own.

28. Who in your life has made a strong impression on you? — My sisters.

29. Do you have a recurring dream? Describe it. — I usually always have work-related dreams right before my alarm goes off.

30. What epitaph would you like on your tombstone? — Life is hard.

5 thoughts on “30 Questions

  1. I hate milk too & I’d also 100% rather be a vamp than a zombie! I had no idea your real name wasn’t Rosie, it fits you so well lol I can’t imagine it being something else now. Your epitaph is a good one haha.

    Fun post! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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