Checking In On 2020

Remember those goals, aspirations, and resolutions you made in the New Year? Here’s your reminder to check in with yourself.

I didn’t make any big goals, just to have a happier and healthier year and work on my word of the year which is acceptance. But even those simple things get pushed off to the side and I forget all about why I set those intentions in the first place.

It’s so easy, almost too easy, to get caught up with all the bad in the world and in our lives. It’s consuming. And I often have a hard time seeing the bigger picture, which is why check ins like this are so important.

Now that we’re almost a full two months into the New Year, I realized that I’m doing much better than I was before the New Year and even than I was around this time last year. I’ve had to say it out loud to myself because it’s hard to believe, life really isn’t that bad right now.

I have been going to the gym consistently, being mindful of what I eat even when I’m indulging in junk, and overall feel like I’m in a better place mentally. I’m not questioning everything I do, every choice I’ve made, and it just feels better to not have my mind constantly wondering what the future may hold.

How have you been doing with your 2020 intentions? Let me know how your year is going in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Checking In On 2020

  1. My 2020 is going pretty well. Like you, I didn’t make any resolutions – actually I haven’t made any in the past few years – I have just been focusing on improving myself in both a personal and professional manner.

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  2. In my younger days my resolutions ended by the end of day one. Fast forward to my older self I’m a lot more realistic and far more calmer about things. I think the key is to true to yourself and be realistic.

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