Utilizing A Mood Tracker

One of my good friends introduced me to the idea of using a mood tracker. I’m the kind of person that really struggles with mindfulness and seeing the bigger picture. I used to keep a gratitude journal, but it just wasn’t something that stuck.

For my mood tracker, I color-code every day to how I think it went. Yellow being good, green being meh, blue being bad. I’ve successfully completed the mood tracker for January and February. February had a few more meh days than January, which was to be expected because February is my busy month at work. But so far, I’ve never had a bad day.

Because when you’re tracking your moods, you really have to put things into perspective. When I go to color the box in the next morning, I really have to think about whether or not the day was as bad as it seemed. If a small tiff came up and I was able to brush it off by the next morning, it was a good day. If I’m still feeling the after-effects of that day, then it was probably pretty meh. Which makes me just think I have to save the blue for a really really bad day. Like I get fired or someone dies or something life changing and just overall bad happens.

It’s a bad day, not a bad life, and my mood tracker reminds me of that. I’m not only tracking my good and bad days, but I’m keeping myself on track. Keeping myself in check. And putting life into perspective.

15 thoughts on “Utilizing A Mood Tracker

  1. A great tool. Sometimes, during the middle of the day, we are thinking it is going so badly, but when we take ourselves out of the stress and situation of the day, we may see it very differently. We can realize and learn it wasn’t so bad afterall. Perhaps, even help ourselves on other days when things are going wrong.

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Have a great one.

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  2. Hi Rosie, It’s a good idea, but instead of using a pen and paper, you can use apps to track the mood. Best one is (for me) DAYLIO app. I use to track the anxiety level. It also has many features check out.

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  3. That is such a great tool for monitoring your mood! I always try to keep up with a positive attitude but sometimes my feelings just go down and only later I realize things happened wasn’t even a biggy. I will definitely try this idea πŸ˜‰

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  4. I have seen mood trackers in tons of different bujos & have wanted to create one for myself. Love that you’ve just printed a simple one off & have been keeping up with it! So awesome to see that you haven’t had a bad day & totally agree with your reasoning why. πŸ™‚

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