Making The Most Out of Being Busy

I am a lazy person, I will be the first to admit it. Anyone who knew me in college can tell you that I slept like 12 hours a day, did the bare minimum in my classes, and really reveled in my alone time.

I took that with me when I graduated and resisted the busy lifestyle of a working adult. I would manage weekend plans so I still had time to relax, I was living at home so I would hole up in my room for alone time.

But as I got older, not being busy wasn’t really an option anymore. Balancing work with life with fun and seriousness – it’s a lot no matter how many plans you try to cancel. And since it wasn’t really an option anymore, I had to turn being busy into something I enjoyed.

I travel once or twice a month for work, often being in the car for 2+ hours at a time. I try to visit home every one or two months, a 5+ hour drive. And then I try to fit in fun and responsibilities in the weekends or work days that I’m around. I actually don’t hate it.

I’ve embraced being busy because it helps me keep up with life. I tend to slow down too much when I have no plans or alone time, to the point where it’s hard to catch up when life comes barreling down the highway.

Do you like a relaxed schedule or do you like to stay busy?

10 thoughts on “Making The Most Out of Being Busy

  1. How does it feel to look back at who you were and who you have become, you must be a little amazed.
    Life and adulthood will do that to us.

    I am lucky aI was able to retire young, so I am never overly busy or stressed. But writing is and always will be my outlet.
    Have a great weekend. Hope it’s not too busy. Smiles.

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  2. I’m a workaholic. I’m always busy. Some of that is paid work and some of that is pet projects. Just depends on when money is a priority versus when it isn’t. Right now it’s a priority because I’m moving in 2 months. After that, I’m looking forward to revisiting my pet projects. 🙂

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  3. I like staying busy. My roommates in college probably thought I was gone all the time to be honest haha. I would always find something to do-whether it was studying for class, traveling to a quidditch tournament, hanging out with friends, working-I always had something to do. When I’m busy, I’m somehow more motivated to do things both work-related and for myself. It is nice to have a day to relax every once in a while though!

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