Age Doesn’t Matter, Maturity Does

Even when I was immature I think I was more mature than most people my age. When I was younger I dated someone older than me and I thought that I would continue that pattern because guys my age or younger just seemed sooo immature.

Your age and your maturity level don’t always correlate. People say girls mature faster than boys, which may be true, but really everyone is different based on their life experiences.

Age differences don’t really matter. I mean, to Jessica on Love is Blind age matters, but to most people it’s no big thing. You can connect to someone 50 years older than you or 20 years younger than you. Dating someone younger or older than you really just depends on the maturity level. Some people are a couple years ahead on their maturity level and some people are a couple years behind. Both are completely fine.

If you’re 23 and feel that you’re as mature as a 33 year old – that’s completely fine. And you could easily have a happy relationship with someone ten years older than you. But they would also have to be as mature as a 33 year old. Because if he’s 33 and is as mature as a 23 year old, it’s the maturity gap that’s not okay – not the age gap.

It might seem fun and adventurous to date someone who is more immature than you, but eventually your timeline won’t match up. This could happen with an age difference too. But if you’re in college and she’s working full time and you’re both on the same maturity level, it’ll probably work out because you both want the same things in life, even if you’re different ages.

Evaluate your maturity level before hopping into a relationship with an age difference. If you want to be a cougar chaser or cradle robber, be free and do you. But make sure you’re mature or immature enough to handle it.

28 thoughts on “Age Doesn’t Matter, Maturity Does

  1. My ex was one year older. It wasn’t that he wasn’t mature or I was immature….he was just a selfish narcissist and I was a door mat. Ah….if I had only known about the whole “cougar” thing….I could have had me some fun! LOL

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  2. I remember back at college, when someone asks me of my age, and i’d be like
    ” im 18 but inside i feel like im 80 years old” – Cezane πŸ˜…
    P.s. loved your post! *Applause*

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      1. I wouldn’t say you’ve been on both sides. One year isn’t really an age difference especially since I’m sure you’ve dated guys at least four years older than you. I just don’t understand why girls in their early 20’s want to blog about dating with age differences. Sure, you can date much older, but anyone “younger” than you would be around your age. It’s just not worth mentioning. You haven’t really experienced everything you’ve talked about. The whole point of this is to say age doesn’t matter, only maturity, but the only “younger” guy you’ve dated was just a year younger, and too immature which is very clichΓ©.


      2. Well actually I have dated someone five years older than me and someone more than two years younger than me. I have not dated anyone younger than that because it’s basically illegal and because the maturity levels don’t match up for me, because like I said I’ve always felt more mature. Of course not every younger guy I’ve dated was too immature, I’ve dated guys older than me that were too immature. I have experienced everything I spoke about in this post, I just don’t feel the need to reference every relationship I’ve ever had in a very short blog post. I may be in my 20’s, but I can still write about age differences because I have experienced them, for you to assume and judge off of one post is a little cliche.


  3. I totally feel you on this one. Wanting the same thing is key to any relationship, regardless of the age difference. Im dating someone much younger than me, but we both want the same things in life, so perhaps that’s why it works.

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  4. I totally agree! I’m with someone who’s 15 years older and he is more hot headed than me and still runs stuff by me to see if his humour/response to someone is appropriate! We work because we meet in the middle at around age 45 I guess lol

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  5. Oh my gosh. Jessica from Love is Blind… *cringe* she so didn’t care about the age difference though. I think she was just making excuses because she wanted Barnett instead. πŸ˜‚

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