My Trip To Iceland

Since it’s no time to travel right now, I thought I’d repost a blog about traveling! I went to Iceland in 2017, here’s the story.

About 6 months before the trip I saw this AMAZING Groupon for a cheap trip including a flight, hotel, and tour in Iceland. I had been on about 3 dates with my now-boyfriend and just asked if he wanted to go. I knew my travel-savvy friends all had trips booked in the future and just decided to go for it. He said sure, we booked it, and then we went on the trip last week!

We went on three excursions:

Northern Lights Tour – where it was way too cloudy to see the Northern Lights and we stood around for two hours at 10 pm just waiting for nothing to happen. It was a bummer, but life goes on.

South Beach Tour – it was raining this day and just did not let up. We saw two beautiful waterfalls, a glacier, and the black sand beaches. The sights were beautiful, but we were soaked through our clothes and miserable during the two hour bus ride back.

Blue Lagoon – okay, this was AMAZING. Everything about the Blue Lagoon is relaxing and beautiful. We spent more than two hours in the natural geothermal water which was probably 80 degrees. We got awesome face masks and a free drink. It was a wonderful time.

If you’re thinking of visiting Iceland I would definitely visit for a more detailed outline of the country.

We explored Reykjavik one day and got to see a bunch of museums, the harbor, and the music hall. We tried to eat local food as much as we could. One thing about Iceland is it is very expensive, so it’s something to think about when you are budgeting for the trip. Another great thing is that Iceland has free wifi like everywhere, you are almost never disconnected. You can visit my Instagram to see more pictures from the trip 🙂

The people were friendly, the country was beautiful, and I decided that I will definitely visit Iceland again during the summer time. It was a great trip!


13 thoughts on “My Trip To Iceland

  1. I love that photo! I managed to get one good photo in Iceland too when I went there a couple of months back. My impressions of the country almost exactly match yours – expensive and wet (generally).
    So – how much love are you having for Greenland right now? 😀
    Kindness – Robert.

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