A Social Distancing Introvert

Okay, I know I’m not the only introvert who did a little happy dance when social distancing was recommended.

Introverts have been social distancing on our own for a while. Now you’re telling other people to stay away from us? Amazing.

I’ve been taking the virus and CDC recommendations pretty seriously, even though I’m in a low-risk state. I want to help as much as I can to make sure we are flattening the curve and luckily for me, it’s not much to ask of me to social distance.

I do recognize that it’s hard for extroverts, I would imagine working from home would result in a lot of conversations with your dog. But I like having conversations with my dog!

I’m mostly thrown off by the indecisiveness of anything. For me, I feel I’ve given no real direction on how to protect myself and others. I don’t know what to follow through with or I’m not given direction until the last minute. It gives me a lot of anxiety, it’s just not how I function.

I’ve also recently adapted a busier lifestyle that actually calms my anxiety because it’s ingrained in routine and doesn’t allow me a lot of time to overthink.

One on hand, I’m happy to isolate. Work on my crafting projects, catch up on some netflix, clean, do some in-home workouts. On the other hand, I know that I will feel cooped up rather quickly and if I don’t keep busy I will go crazy.

How do you feel about social distancing?

17 thoughts on “A Social Distancing Introvert

  1. My life hasn’t really changed much. The only major change is trying to complete the rest of the semester online and the profs are scrambling to make that work. School was the only social interaction I had outside of the house, so my social life hasn’t really changed at all.

    I am an introvert too, with extroverted quantities. I’m not a social person per say, but I am very talkative around people and in crowds. Staying at home is not difficult for me, as I often stay at home for days at a time anyways, if it wasn’t for school.

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  2. At the moment in Perth WA I haven’t seen much social distancing ..people are everywhere. Out enjoying the cafe culture, eating breakfast out is a big thing here. As the weather is still good it’s mostly outside though. We have decided to cancel our bookclub this month. The government are saying social distance but everything is still open! So very mixed messages. I did read that we are four weeks behind Italy! People are supposed to self isolate after being overseas but two health workers tested positive yesterday after coming back from overseas and not self isolating. There seems to be no policing of that.

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    1. that’s terrible 😦 we are still going outside, but all of our shops are closed except for drive through or pick up food. It’s really so essential to start distancing now


  3. For me this thing couldn’t have come at the worst time. Not because I am such an extrovert, because I am not, but because I just started new job and it is difficult to learn and get proper training when we all work from home now mostly. If it happened two months ago, yes, I am all for it, no problems. But now it really sucks.

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  4. As an introvert who works two high energy jobs, I feel a bit worried about how the world around me began to shut down. While I’m using this time wisely and catching up on daily things that have gotten pushed down on my to do list, I’m very concerned for those who may have a harder time staying home during a time like this. Currently reading about how to reassure others that staying home can be as good as you make it.
    Great post Rosie, stay safe!
    Sending hugs,

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    1. It really is tough I’d love to hear any tips on how to support people who may be having a hard time. All I’ve been doing recently is reaching out to my friends and family and trying to support local businesses who are trying to keep their employees employed!

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  5. I am not the most religious person in the world but I have come to the conclusion if there is a higher being she must have a wicked sense of humor. I’ve been living a secluded life for over two years. Three knee operations, rehab and so on. But now, just as my knee is beginning to feel like a real knee, the world turns upside down.

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  6. Thank you very much for this great post! I rely very heavily on structure in my life so I have found this initial period of self-isolation very difficult! I have recently published an article on my blog about how social distancing is important but that it shouldn’t lead to emotional distancing. If you have time, it would be great if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts! Wishing you all the best during this difficult time 🙂

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