When A New Relationship Reminds You Of An Old One

No two relationships are exactly the same. But it is possible that similar feelings will bubble up. That falling in love will seem familiar. It’s possible that you’ll get into the same fights you’ve gotten in before or feel hurt just like you did before.

That doesn’t mean your new relationship is exactly like your old one.

Most relationships have patterns. We all end up fighting over the same things or feeling the same butterflies in our stomach. But it can be pretty scary when a new relationship is reminding you of an old one.

Because you don’t want to fall back into the pattern of your last failed relationship. And you can see the similarities. You see the obsessiveness of love and the addiction of comfort. You see yourself feeling the same way and getting your heart broken the same way.

But no two relationships are exactly the same.

It’s good to remember past relationships because you learn from them. It’s great to be a little weary because you won’t make the same mistakes again.

Chances are, those butterflies in your stomach are a good sign. Sure, you remember them from your last relationship. But that was during a good part of your last relationship.

And chances are, that fight you’re having is so trivial. Every couple has that fight.

Just because your new relationship is reminiscent of your old one does not mean it’s going to pan out the same way. Embrace the memories and learn from them.  If the abusive or destructive patterns of your past arise, you now know to back off from this new relationship. But there will always be some sort of familiarity if you’re falling in love again, a familiarity of being happy.

No two relationships are exactly the same, don’t compare your new one to your old one.

22 thoughts on “When A New Relationship Reminds You Of An Old One

  1. There will be similarities in every relationship, unless you drastically change yourself – but that is typically why the last relationship failed, because you changed and didn’t like it. I think it’s important to understand that there are things you like – hopefully those similarities are there, but it’s the similarities that you dislike that should be paid attention.

    Just my opinion, of course. 🙂
    Great post, by the way!

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  2. You are right. I remember my ex kept telling me of how I remind him of his ex girl and that he everything I do reminds him of her. It irritated me so so much. And that’s why we broke up. It was so annoying. If course am not like her an my own person but it’s like he was with me but missing her. So I had to let go.

    Great post.

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  3. Agreed. No two people are the same. Try not to let one person pay for the mistakes the other person made. And also you change from one relationship to the other so give yourself room to absorb the lessons and be better too.

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  4. I fall into this trap sometimes. Same feelings, same ways of dealing the relationship, but we’re two different people with two different paths. I look at it as a great feeling when you’re back at square one. You know what not to do and what you need to do to continue growing with the next person.

    Love reading all your posts, like truly!

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  5. It’s like you’re in my mind! I keep telling my friends that my new budding romance reminds me a lot of my college boyfriend (they even have the same names, ugh) and I can’t help but wonder if I’m making up the similarities as a way to keep myself from falling too hard or fast. Awesome post!

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    1. Plus if you have a type like me they’ll be really similar!! My boyfriends have always had similar personalities. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing if they seem familiar ☺️


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