A New Normal

We took COVID-19 seriously from the beginning. We knew it was going to be bad, to be devastating. But it’s hard to really know what it’s going to look like next week or next month.

I’m on two weeks of social distancing, it is now my new normal. I work from home and the only time we leave the house is for essential grocery trips and to be outside. In the first two weeks, I have tried to harp on the positives. I’m actually exercising more and getting to do some of my hobbies.

I was getting a lot of anxiety before we started social distancing because there was so much unknown. Were our plans going to get cancelled? Did we need to stock up? When would orders be put in place?

In the two weeks of social distancing I felt more secure because I knew the plan. But now I don’t know how long this will last so it’s back to anxiety. How much longer can I do this? Are we prepared?

I also can’t imagine doing this new normal for very long. It feels like every day is the same. We try to switch up the weekends by going on longer hikes, but for the most part every day has the same setting, same atmosphere, and same things to do.

How are you dealing with this new normal?

28 thoughts on “A New Normal

  1. Every day is the same and I suppose you have to keep focusing on the positive that you’re not the only one. I’m lucky that we are in Perth WA but I have my mum and dad here from the UK who are in their late 80s and can’t go home yet and also my nephew who is 31 so I have a lot of cooking to do! But I know they’re better off here. Stay well 😷

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  2. Good to read that you are doing well during the social distancing. We are confined to i the heart of Paris and only leave the apartment once a week for groceries. Instead of traveling and daily 8-kilometre runs we have picked up fitness through an app on the phone, different but good to move a bit in a small space. We are taking advantage of our time to grow our readership, work on writing more articles and editing our photographs. It is not fun to be locked up but the best thing to do right now. Hope it won’t take too long… the most important is to stay healthy though. Stay safe and good luck these days!

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  3. This new normal is not my favourite to be honest. It is s difficult and having a four year old asking on daily basis why she can’t go to preschool, park or just to see her friends is getting to me. I tried to explain why and she told me if we are being careful and go around the virus we could just do everything we want. I am trying to keep my spirits up, workout more than usual, read and enjoy the time I have with my family but not sure how long I can do it for

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  4. On Monday I temporarily shut down my dog sitting business so I’m focusing on my writing career. I’m able to start on projects I have been wanting to begin for a while. I’m not panicked. I know this won’t last forever. Just have to suck it up and keep on plugging.

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  5. Like you, I’m curious how long this will last. We do need to get out. It’s not healthy for any of us to stay inside. It’ll feel like a prison after a while. Hopefully this breaks. I have a friend in the medical field who informed me the virus is showing signs of weakening. Lets hope he’s right.

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  6. We are fortunate in having a house and garden with enough room to stop our getting under eachother’s feet. 2 late teen boys are fighting evil forces in another universe via Xbox. (one upside being that their grubby friends can’t come round every signle night anymore)

    Over the years we’ve been very lazy in the house – which we are addressing by clearing up the hoarded debry everywhere, chasing off the cobwebs and repainting rooms. We are getting the family paperwork in order – if I catch this little critter, I don’t fancy my chances.

    I am catching up on writing that “I’ve not had the time to do” Circumstances are calling my bluff, let’s see how much I actually produce.

    I think this is a real test of each of us. Over the coming weeks, who knows how we will cope. People have phenominal capacity to call on if we can just keep our equilibrium. Out problems are foever shared, yet entirely just our own.

    What worries me are the families in small houses, little personal space and severe financial problems. There’s a growing concern about people who are in abussive relatuionships – for them this will be a nightmare.

    On a high note: I go for a walk and nature is reclaiming the environment. Bird song is like a concert. The air is clear. The nights are silent. Everyone who passes on their walks greet each other like never before.

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    1. circumstances are calling my bluff too haha though it has proved that I would go to the gym more if I had more time! Thank you for ending it on a high note, I am so worried about those who may be in a worse space than me, I just try to stay aware of how I can help


  7. i’ve been feeling really anxious too, it’s all the unknown! i’ve been trying to take time to do things that make me happy, staying busy with work & taking my dog for walks 💛 thank you for sharing & hope you’re doing well!

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  8. I’m still getting used to it and, really, I haven’t had a chance to really get used to it at all. Monday, our company officially started “telehealth” instead of meeting with clients face to face. But then, with today being the first of the month, a lot of clients needed to take care of personal errands that they wouldn’t be able to do without our face to face assistance. So I guess my quarantine begins again tomorrow… I don’t know what the new normal looks like for me yet, but I keep on telling myself I’m gonna enjoy it. But I don’t know how long even an introvert can go without some kind of human connection.

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      1. Yeah, it’s just me here. I find I’m calling my mom more often, going from like once a week to about every other day. At first it was just to regularly check in for health reasons, but now it gives me someone to talk to that isn’t a client.

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  9. It’s pretty tough for so many people isn’t it? Being stuck inside and restricted isn’t easy for a lot of us but we’re actually quite enjoying ourselves. Trying to embrace the positives and make the most of the time is what it’s all about.

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  10. It certainly all feels very odd- granted some days are good (I feel motivated to get back into reading and writing) and others I struggle getting out of bed, knowing that the same routine lies ahead of me! But we must allow ourselves time to adjust, and definitely cut ourselves some slack!

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