Introverts Unite

As an introvert, I have come to face the facts that I am really not meant to be as alone as my mind is telling me I need to be. I do need a lot of recharging after social situations, like a typical introvert, but just as a human I need those social situations.

Because my boyfriend and I don’t have may friends in New Hampshire, a lot of my social interactions were with him and my coworkers. But now I don’t really have my coworkers, so it’s just him which can be a little bit trying. I’ve been facetiming my friends and family more, which just goes to show me how little effort I had been putting in with them in the first place.

And then there’s my online conversations – I think most of you in my comment section identify as introverts. I’ve noticed you all coming out a little bit more to talk about how Coronavirus has affected you. No matter if you’re extrovert, introvert, or ambivert, I think we all welcome a little more conversation right now. More chances to be heard when we feel so alone and isolated.

Just know that my comments are always open, I’m always ready to have an internet conversation, and you’re not alone!

13 thoughts on “Introverts Unite

  1. I understand how you feel. I don’t even FaceTime people except the occasional school-related Zoom meeting. When I moved away, I cut off the toxic people from back at home and didn’t really bother making new friends here. At times it sucks, but then I remind myself that I have my husband and crazy 3-year old, and then things don’t seem so lonely.

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  2. Because I have chronic fatigue and very weak wobbly joints my Bloke goes out to do the food shopping and I stay in doors ALL the time. I’ve not been out for three months as I feel the cold terribly and I might as well save my energy if it’s just food shopping. In summer I get chronic heat fatigue so have to stay in as I’m wiped out.
    Last week I excitedly chatted to my bloke about it being a lovely sunny day for a change but still being chilly and not too hot. He replied “I know! I’m going to the park with (his mate) and we’re getting drunk!” This has gone on for four days in a row now and because I don’t drink around him, I’m still stuck inside. It’s not even occurred to him that I might be going totally stir crazy or to even ask me to go instead. I feel like a feckin goldfish or some other house pet. I’m running out of reason not to be totally depressed.

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    1. oh no 😦 you really need to talk to your guy about how you’re feeling! I went insane last week and felt so bored, my boyfriend bought us a few puzzles to do. Communication is super important right now

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      1. Well, I told him pretty much what I put in my comment and he said he thought I wasn’t up to it or I’d have invited myself…to sit with two pissed up blokes, one of which I don’t like!? Riiiight. Anyway, the two of us went later to a little park that’s nearer (for my benefit) and sat there in the evening sun which was lovely. Glad you’ve both been thoughtful of each other. Thank you for listening and replaying hon. Xx

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  3. I think all of us are social creatures in some way. I have a cousin who needs a dozen or more in her circle at all times. My other cousin, her sister, sounds like you. But they are both happy with the world they created.

    This virus has caused many of us to examine who we are. Some of us are happy with the outcome whiles others are in a serious need of some house cleaning. Life changing house cleaning, that is.

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