If I Had More Time

Turns out, I wasn’t lying to myself. My go-to excuses in life are that I’m too tired or I don’t have the time.

With the stay at home orders, I have more time on my hands. My work day is kind of scattered, I never know when things will pop up. So that leaves some scattered free time and then weekends with absolutely nothing to do.

I used to come home from work every day at 5:00 PM and say I’m too tired to go to the gym. Too tired to cook.

I used to start projects and leave them unfinished. Books would be opened and then never reopened, if only I had more time.

I’m kind of proud of myself for taking advantage of this weird time where I have opportunities to better myself. I could have easily decided to sleep more, eat more, and be lazy. An old version of me definitely would have done that and wouldn’t benefited from it at all. I keep telling myself when this is all over, I won’t have time and I will be tired again so to try to take advantage of what I have now for the time being.

I know that my life right now is a special case, we have essential workers out there risking their health for us who absolutely have no free time and are exhausted. I hope for their sake, when this is all over, they can take a mental health day. I really feel for them.

One thing I’ve been focusing on is controlling the controllable. I can only make the best of my own situation, and for now I have more time.

13 thoughts on “If I Had More Time

  1. I started writing a list of 5 things that I must do in order to win the day. If I don’t accomplish these 5 things, then I do not win the day (even if I accomplished 4/5 things). I make sure to include things that are good for me but I don’t feel like doing. Prior to trying this method, I was extremely unproductive and depression started resurfacing. I am able to stay afloat with a productivity list…. for now. 😂

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      1. This right here ^ was my biggest problem before I started habit tracking. Often, I felt unaccomplished if I didn’t keep track of things, and then depression would set in. Now, daily lists keep me busy but not to the point where I feel completely overwhelmed. 🤗

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  2. Now that I have “more time,” I’ve been trying to implement other things into my new daily routine through all of this. I felt like I didn’t have any time either. I work the graveyard shift, so that alone throws a wrench into a lot of things because you always feel tired. It’s been a breath of fresh air to get to do more things and still be able to do my job while at home.

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      1. Yes, but it’s a different feeling. I’ve been working that shift for the past 5 1/2 years! But I’m ready to become a “normal” person again.

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