Breaking Up With The Places You’ve Been

I’ve traveled to a lot of cool places. I made memories there, met people, had a great time with great people, experienced and learned new things. And I miss it.

I miss it almost like it was a person who made an impact on my life and then vanished.

But we can’t live in the past, we can’t live in previous vacations and places we’ve traveled to. We can just hold on to the beautiful memories we made there. We have to break up with the places we’ve been.

We have to let them go and live our real lives again, we must maintain presence. Because when I find myself looking back on brunches next to the ocean, or exploring a volcanic cave, or standing in front of a glacier – I feel a pang of jealousy and a need to escape.

While it’s okay to escape life just for a little bit, we shouldn’t always be pawing for the past. I’ve broken up with the places I’ve been. I’ve said goodbye, for now, and visit the happy memories every once in a while. But I won’t spend time yearning for something that once was.

It’s gone and over. Maybe I’ll return again one day. But until then, we’ve broken up and I have to move on to my present life.

25 thoughts on “Breaking Up With The Places You’ve Been

  1. You’re right we can’t live in the past, but I’ll confess l like to visit on occasion.

    I find each past relationship contributes to our individual experience…sometimes it’s cool to revisit (and dwell a little) to make sense of the past to inform the present and future…

    But ultimately the past is where it should stay. Great post which will actually inspire a future post I’ll right. Thanks!

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  2. This is such a healthy mindset to have. I know someone who used to do so many activities/sports and go so many places and now isn’t healthy enough to do that and doesn’t have those friends anymore. I think the memories make them a bit depressed sometimes, rather than them being greatful that they were able to do that. Well, until I read this and told them about it. They said to tell you thank you for sharing that outlook because it’s a great one!

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    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear it helped! I can definitely understand how hard it would be to look back on a place you can’t go to, but there are new adventures to be found even if they are small adventures in our own backyard!

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  3. I feel the same way, it just isn’t the same, to live in the past. It was hard saying to the places I have been to for so long. But, after letting go, I have found new memories and people who are in my life. The adjustment was worth it, just sad in the beginning, now I’m in a happy place. A place if growth. Potential is what I make of it.

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  4. Well said – such lovely memories I have, and I love to go back to these places once in while, looking at pictures. But we are in the present. Although I am planning a new trip to Rome as soon as we are out of this crazy situation 🤣 I’ve realised how much I miss it!

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