A Month Of Working From Home

How did we get here?

Feels like days ago I received an emergency text from my company telling us to work from home. I had to go into the office a few days later just to get my things and my plants because I wasn’t really expecting it.

And now, over a month later, I can’t believe how much time has gone by.

I still have piles of paper on my desk at work, I left my blue light glasses there. I really didn’t think I’d be working from home this long.

On one hand, it has been quite an adjustment trying to learn how to work from home. I do better in an office setting where I can remove myself from distractions.

On another hand, it has been actually pretty great for my mental health. As an introvert, having daily conversations with coworkers can actually be quite draining for me.

The whole COVID-19 situation has been a double edged sword for me. The longer we have these stay-at-home orders, the longer it will take me to adjust back into “normal” life. Just the thought of changing this whole new routine I’ve gotten myself into stresses me out.

I can’t believe a month has gone by and I wonder how much longer it will really be.

8 thoughts on “A Month Of Working From Home

  1. Difficult times for so many people and the adjustments that we’ve all had to make have been pretty severe. A lot of the forced changes have really been for the better but some obviously not so. Perhaps you could negotiate working from home more once this is all over?

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  2. I miss normal life & being able to go to work so much but, I agree. After being in this slow routine for so long, it’s giving me anxiety to think what it will be like when it’s over.

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