The Anxiety Of Returning To Normal

We all know COVID-19 has not been a great time for mental health. First, I was worried about the unknown. When will things shut down? Will all my plans be cancelled?

We got our answers, we adjusted to a life of social distancing. I’ve grown accustom to working from home, even though it presents it’s own difficulties. I’m bored sometimes, grateful most of the time. I’ve picked up hobbies, found more time for exercise.

I hate seeing what’s happening outside my doorstep. People dying, people protesting. So I’ve nestled into my own little bubble of protection and I’ve grown to like it here.

But as murmurs of reopening start to emerge, a new kind of anxiety is forming. The anxiety of going back to normal.

I actually was doing pretty well before this all began. Work was going okay and we had a lot of upcoming plans I was preparing for. But now I feel so unprepared. There are still things that may be rescheduled, but I still have to be ready for. I will be faced with a whole new set of challenges at work, some of which I’m already facing and not adjusting to while working from home.

I’m afraid I’m going to go back to normal and just hate it. Because there will be some people who can just forget that this whole thing happened, but I will surely be carrying it with me.

12 thoughts on “The Anxiety Of Returning To Normal

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing! I’m also feeling the same way as you do, so aftaid of going back to the normal routines… But it’ll take some times to ease back into our routine, and we’ll get there, you’ll get there!

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  2. Oh yes. There are people who actually love it right now. We do want the old normal, but not all of it. Some bits will do good. Right now, the freedom we have is no where close to the 9-5 lifestyle we were surviving in. Note: we weren’t living then.

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    1. I think a lot of people will forget, so many people are already calling for a reopening without seeing the consequences. The new normal will definitely be different because of this for sure


  3. The reality of it all is that things will be tough for a while. This is not going away any time soon. If you do return to work you may have to be the voice of reason, reminding others that this is far from over.

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  5. Hi, I reassure myself with the thought that no-one wants the situation to get worse again, so hopefully people will act sensibly once restrictions are eased. Depending on where you are in the world, some countries are ‘getting back to normal’ slowly and monitoring for any increase in cases. Best wishes to all, as we are in this together.

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