An Updated And Adjusted Spring Bucket List

I set out to do a lot this spring, then COVID happened. A lot of the stuff on my list I ended up doing way faster than I thought I would because I have so much time at home. And then a lot of stuff seemed a little too impossible when things probably won’t open up until summer. So here’s an updated list with some things I’ve accomplished and some new ideas for this crazy world we’re living in:

  1. Change my hair
  2. Turn 27
  3. Hike 2 new locations
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Go to the beach at least once (before they were closed)
  6. Eat vegan once a week
  7. Go to the gym twice a week
  8. Make a spring/summer wreath
  9. Intentionally watch at least 3 sunsets
  10. Complete 3 craft products
  11. Visit a new brewery
  12. Explore a new part of New Hampshire
  13. Read the last Harry Potter book
  14. Make sushi
  15. Be a better plant mom
  16. Try a new small business coffee shop
  17. Clean my fridge
  18. Set up a Mercari account to see if I like it better than Poshmark!
  19. See more roadside oddities

6 thoughts on “An Updated And Adjusted Spring Bucket List

  1. I’m learning how to bake and plant my own…plants lol. I’ve been taking this time to give myself a lesson on being myself and advancing in any direction I see fit. Looks like you’re doing a good job of doing the same! Good luck on all your endeavors, Rosie!

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