5 Roadside Oddities In Southern New Hampshire

It’s no secret that I’ve been bored lately. I’m someone who is always looking forward to their next trip and that’s just not a thing I can do right now. So I thought to myself, how can I travel and get out for an adventure while social distancing and staying in my state? The answer: roadside oddities. I was partially inspired by seeing the world’s tallest filing cabinet while on a trip to Burlington a few years ago!

Here are 5 roadside oddities you can find in Southern New Hampshire:

1. Concord, NH: A replica of a Redstone Missile, the same kind of engine booster used to hurl New Hampshire native Alan Shepard into space. Apparently there is a real Redstone Missile in a small town in northern New Hampshire that I also have to find!

2. Concord, NH: The doorstep of former President Franklin Pierce where he once had to defend himself against an angry mob. He lived at this plot of land until his death and now all that’s left is a doorstep that leads to nowhere.

3. Hooksett, NH: A one-quarter-scale replica of the famous Old Man of the Mountain. The Old Man of the Mountain was a jagged profile of a face in the White Mountains that collapsed about 17 years ago. It was kind of funny to see a small scale of it outside of a storage facility.

4. Londonderry, NH: A monument for beloved pet Buffy the Dog, now located at a family pet cemetery.

5. Manchester, NH: The Merci Box Car, a World War I French railroad box car filled with presents for New Hampshire, a gift from a grateful France, now displayed in its own little building behind glass.


Are there any roadside oddities in your state? Drop them in the comments below!

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